Friday, October 29, 2010

Reduced Rice Intake for Weight Loss

Before consulting and arguing with friends on which diet pills are the best for losing weight, reduce your rice intake first. Actually, just reduce your carbs intake.

If you love white rice so much and can't let go, then start by eating a smaller portion till you're maybe just eating half of what you normally consume per meal. Over time, that can be reduced some more.

Maybe you can also start by mixing your white with some brown rice and gradually transition to the healthier red or brown rice that are richer in fiber, more filling in the tummy and with more nutrients.

Now, if you're a bread or pasta person, go for wheat instead of white.

You don't need to cut off carbs totally from your diet because they also serve a purpose in providing you with all your dietary requirements. The truth, however, is we're all eating way more carbohydrates than we need.

Go for protein instead, from vegetables and fruits, nuts and fish. And always, go slowly but surely till it becomes a habit and way of life, instead of some diet bandwagon you will just as easily jump off from.

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