Thursday, October 14, 2010

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park has changed in a lot of ways and remained the same somehow since we last went there. The Oceanarium is basically the same (but I think the mermaid show is no more). I couldn't really tell if there were more fishes (but some aquariums seemed to have bigger ones) but there were definitely more attractions, like the Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies, Marine Life Show (sea lions), Aquanaut Voyage (P1k/head), Swimming and Musical Fountain Show (which happens at 6:30 PM these days). And of course, Hotel H2O is already operational.

Here are some sights you can expect to see:

I personally don't think I'd ever try their Aquanaut thingie for the simple reason that I don't want strangers to be oggling me and taking pics of me as if I was some fish specimen

the jellyfishes, though surreal in their form and movement, were still generally small for my taste. I'd have loved big jellyfishes really.

because it's been raining a lot lately, Marine Life shows may be cancelled (ticket holders can just return). For slight drizzles though, they do provide guests with disposable raincoats

We availed the Marine Life Encounter package for P500/each to cover the Oceanarium, Jellies and Marine Life Show. For other packages, you can check out Manila Ocean Park's website. The Marine Life Show (11:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM slots) and Musical Fountain Show (6:30 PM) are held in the same area... where the swimming pool also is (so yes, the swimming area is small and from what we were told, not open anytime). Guests at the hotel can go swimming for free, however.

They did include a "don't pollute our waters" aspect in the Marine Life Show, where the sea lions would pretend to be sad because a guest threw a water bottle in the pool. Then a sea lion would retrieve the trash. Nice :)

All in all, it was still a fun thing to do with kids. Plus, there are just so many shops there now and more dining options than ever.

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