Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Makansutra Asian Food Village

Our family dined at the Makansutra Asian Food Village last Saturday after enjoying the Ocean Park and since we were a big group, we were also able to sample a lot of other dishes.

their crispy catfish is really a must-try

the crab and corn soup was delish!

this is a coffee-something ribs that the guys loved
but the others didn't

char kway teow, which was a hit

oyster omelette

i shall never stop raving about their binagoongan rice

Hainanese chicken rice

Makansutra fried chicken, which for me was just so-so in
taste but still very tender, it's P900 for this platter
good for 6-8

We also had grilled chicken with mushroom sauce which BIL said tasted very much like Andok's chicken. All in all though, the food was great and we had a fine dining experience.

Makansutra wasn't very cool, ventilation-wise, though. Service was fast as the dishes didn't take long to arrive (but we had to really wait for a waiter to get our orders) and they do accept credit cards. A waiter also took our orders compared to the first time we went there when we had to approach the register and order from there.

I think I may just visit Makansutra Asian Food Village again before the month ends just to feast on binagoongan rice!

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