Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fifteen Twenty One (1521) Restaurant along Shaw

It was my craving for binagoongan that got my hubby to know about 1521 restaurant along Shaw. After missing the Goldilocks event last week due to traffic, we decided to just have dinner at 1521 since it was still open at 9 PM. 1521 Restaurant is located at 547 Shaw Blvd., Brgy. Wack- Wack Mandaluyong, Metro Manila (beside Pan de Pugon and Mr. Poon).

1521 basically serves glorified Filipino dishes and all in all, they did a great job with what they offer.

The restaurant itself is small. I guess it can accommodate up to 40 people max but the ambience is great and cozy.

The only dish we didn't like: beef caldereta because we all found it too salty. We told the 1521 folks so.

Ka-Musta-Cat. This is the crispy catfish salad (they have quirky names for their dishes and I don't remember what they called it) that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It was the perfect blend of sour and sweet and you can just really finish off an entire plate. Really very delicious!

fried chicken served with I forgot what sauce (I believe it was good but I didn't try it since I finished some other dish)

Bonggang Bonggang Bingaoongan. This pork binagoongan version is a lot like lechon kawali topping bagoong cooked/mashed with eggplant. Loved it too!

Sit-Ka-Long. It's basically sitaw (string beans), kalabasa (squash) and longganisa (Pinoy sausage) but also very, very good.

My, My, My Mais. This is white corn soup with some fatty pork in it that was also very delicious. Everyone in our party absolutely loved this soup.

The food didn't take long to be served and the staff was friendly, considering we had two preschoolers who were noisy. We would absolutely eat at 1521 Restaurant again and I have even instructed hubby to order the corn soup for takeout whenever he passes by the area.

We also tried their leche flan (which was divine and flavored a little with dayap rind).

1521 restaurant really provides a filling and fulfilling dining experience, all in all. So, if you're in the area, do give it a try.

(It was called 1521 because that was the year Philippines was discovered by the Spaniards)

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