Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beauty Habits by Marie Calica

Miss Marie Calica, beauty coach and blogger (, shared with us the following beauty habits at the Mommy's Day Out organized by Unilab.

Finally, taking care of your physical appearance makes sense and seem doable!

Feel free to use face towels, gentle scrubs or just even your hands to get rid of dead skin cells. Miss Marie says that those with dry skin can exfoliate once a week but those with oily skin may have to do it daily. Just make sure to use gentle strokes and agents. For example, if using a face towel, just scrub the face gently in circular motion with mild cleansers/soap.

I have often thought that those with oily skin need not moisturize but I was wrong. We may not be as prone to wrinkling as those with dry skin but oil is still different from water. And what we need is to hydrate our skin so moisturizers twice a day (or more, if it's hot) is a must. And yes, over time, it will really facilitate more graceful ageing.

Moisturizing the body is also a must and there's already a wide array of lotions for that.

Whether you're washing your face, exfoliating it, moisturizing it or putting on makeup, do not forget your eyes and neck. Even the best makeup is no match for tired eyes and even Botox cannot quite hide ageing in the neck area.

The hands are also a better indication of age so you might also want to pay attention to those.

Hydrate from within and as much as possible, take twice the amount of water for every cup or glass of diuretic you drink (coffee, cocoa or tea). If you hate the taste of water, flavor it a little by adding a lemon wedge or two. Or get your water fix from fruits instead.

Vitamin E is responsible for skin eleasticity. This is especially significant for those gaining or losing weight as well as pregnant moms like me because it can spell the difference between manageable stretch marks to really ugly ones.

They say that Lucy Torres-Gomez even uses Vitamin E gel capsules directly on her face (I guess as a moisturizer) and one of the moms who attended said event that she used expired Vitamin E gel capsules to massage her feet with. At least, if they couldn't benefit her anymore from the inside, they still proved useful externally.

7-8 hours of sleep, preferably happening within 10 PM to 2 AM is best to let your body heal itself and for your cells to really regenerate.

We usually just put on sunblock when we're going swimming, and usually just before we're about to get wet. The truth is, we really need to put sunblock everyday and thirty minutes before we get exposed to the sun's rays. Sunblock can even protect you from the radiation of too much computer use.

Take a bath everyday, brush your teeth properly, exercise good hygiene. Wash your clothes, change your makeup, employ the use of cleaning agents and see experts occasionally (from dentists to dermatologists and massage therapists).

Use small containers as handy dispensers. Put your lotion and moisturizer in the bathroom so you don't forget to apply. Buy products that offer more, like tinted moisturizers with SPF or makeup with Vitamin E. Keep water bottles handy and moisturizers and lotions within reach while you're whiling your time on the computer.

See, when you really think about it, these beauty habits aren't really hard to incorporate in your daily activities. And they will go a long way in not just preserving your natural beauty but also making you feel good about yourself.

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