Friday, September 17, 2010

Super Kids Fair 2010 at SMX

Super Kids Fair 2010, a two-day event that started today, is the first early childhood education fair in the country. Sponsored by Wyeth and Promil among others, the fair ticket is P80 for both child and adult and features many activities (over freebies).

There's storytelling almost every two hours and also a Gymboree feature in the late afternoon. There are many booths with arts and crafts too as well as sing and dance presentations to entertain your child.

Tired parents can just rest at the modern sofas at SMX's lobby in the first floor. The fair is held at the 3rd floor.


Jenny said...

mec, i went to this. it was a formula marketing event!!! i am so inis that i had to pay P80 to be overwhelmed by formula companies' marketing ek-ek!! grouch grouch grouch! what a waste of time and money! i should have gone straight to the book fair!

Mec said...

Jen CC told me nga sis... hahaha... we didn't get to go anymore kasi nga busy si hubs...

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