Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poem Scarf by Eden

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde has written a wonderful poem for her children. "My Masterpiece" is then printed on a lightweight knit scarf and can be the perfect, perfect gift for your Mom or wife this Christmas, or to any mom you know.

It's a great accessory, sure to be conversation starters and a fab, fab way to keep you warm in the coming cold months. It can even cover your chest acne (if any), spills on your clothes or double as a breastfeeding cover while you nurse in public.

If you're not into wearing scarves, you can still use this to spice up your bag. Or like what I intend to do, have it framed for your living room (surrounding it with different pictures of your kids) or your baby's nursery.

The Poem Scarf come in 4 colors (Ink, Wine, Denim and Cocoa) and costs P800 each.

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