Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Play Dough Sets and Molds from Divisoria

Anding's Toy Store in Divisoria also sells really affordable play dough sets and molds. I usually go there to buy these sets but do not let my son use the play dough that comes with it (because I would rather stick with branded ones that I know are non-toxic since my son still has a tendency to go licking). For older kids without sensitive skin though, I think the play dough being sold at Anding's are good enough.

Those in boxes cost P125 while the molds in the plastic container cost P25

The boxed set will provide you with 8 pots of differently-colored play dough, 4 molds and some cutters and also a guide for making patterns

Contents from the set from the plastic container (these are from 3 sets 'coz some molds were not available in the others and I wanted as many dinosaur molds as I can get)

Except for the Play Doh basic set (with the extruders), the other molds in this picture were also bought from Anding's

Anding's also sells play dough in small pails. There are also other molds being sold there, like the one from Play Doh (with extruders) but I wouldn't recommend the crank-style one from Anding's as it breaks easily.

The molds from the boxed set are pretty good though and very flexible and fun :)

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