Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Parties and reunions have already started. What's more, bazaars, trade fairs and other launches and events occupy our weeknights and weekends.

How do we survive the holidays without needing weight loss supplements after?

Simple really. Drink more water, talk longer and just sample a little bit of everything. Just get one cookie, one small piece of chicken, a teaspoon of stuffing and a sliver of pie. Don't get one whole serving of anything and certainly, do not get two.

This way, you won't really feel deprived because you get to sample everything. And if you really engage in talk (or rapt attention) in between food samples, your brain will register fullness more as you get to smell all the other good stuff without haing to ingest them all.

A little bit of everything. That's the key.

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