Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jun & Jun's Cebu Lechon & BBQ

Jun & Jun's Cebu Lechon & BBQ is located near St. Luke's Global City at the Fort, between Home Depot and S&R. My husband already told me that they tend to take their time, service-wise, but since it felt like the safest bet for lunch at the time, we still ate there last Saturday (Sept. 11).

The ambience was nice and the place wasn't packed, even at 12 Noon, as most diners head onto other strips in the Fort area. The waitstaff was okay but they were so unhurried and seemed so unconcerned to be considered accommodating. Plus, somewhere along the chain of command, our order of crispy lechon was forgotten. I was already really hungry and we were already halfway through our kangkong and rice when we thought the wait was just ridiculous and followed up the order... only to be told that the cook has forgotten to prepare it.

They did apologize but it was so weird for say, the waiter or the one who took our order (seemingly a manager or person-in-charge at that) to forget. I respect that they must have thought we were on a diet since they only served us rice and kangkong, but we were giving them pointed stares while waiting for the lechon, so they must have at least asked or checked if anything was amiss.

Good thing though that the lechon only took some 5 minutes to be crispy fried.

Unfortunately though, it was just so-so (and really salty, if truth be told). Even my husband (who isn't pregnant) had to really use a lot of vinegar for it. Even the kangkong was just so-so. And yes, I was too annoyed already to take pictures of the lechon.

The one time hubs ate there with his colleagues, he said it took two hours for their order to be brought to them, and 30 minutes into the eating before the lechon was brought to them.

So would I recommend the place? Certainly not, especially considering the price of its fares. Unless you have all the time in the world, maybe. You can have better-tasting lechon from the food carts/kiosks in food courts.

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