Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bio Bita Food Supplement Granules

Way before a time when your young one worries which diet pills are best is the best time to get them in the habit of healthy eating and living.

I make sure I offer only healthy food 90% of the time and insist that he gets enough active time. And now, I have also started my son on probiotics with vitamins by giving him Bio Bita Food Supplement Granules everyday.

Bio Bita Food Supplement Granules tastes like vanilla so I can only mix it with his milk, or some water. He loves scooping it up though so it's become a ritual for us that he likes. People I bought it from says that it helps boost appetite for some kids, but my son's appetite has always been good. But literatureand testimonials i've read on probiotics all attest not just to it'sw regularizing effect on bowel movements but also that it boosts the immune system. Perfect for this time of resistant viruses and aggravated allergies.

Promote good digestion in your child. Give them probiotics. Try Bio Bita Food Supplement Granules if you want. It costs about P425/bottle (which is good for some 25 days use) and less if you get more. Just e-mail or call 524-5641 to 42.

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