Saturday, August 14, 2010

Steam Inhalation with Your Baby

How can you continue checking out job opportunities at if you've got a colds-annoyed baby? And it's not just the cold virus making the rounds, allergic rhinitis has also led many parents to bring their children to the doctor.

Colds usually need not be medicated. As one pediatrician I talked to said, over-the-counter medications are actually Mommy medicines, because they're more for the mothers so they'd feel they're doing something but doesn't really do anything for the colds, which will resolve on its own (unless a child's immune system is so compromised that it results in complications, like infected sinuses).

Usually, saline nasal drops are your friend during this time. Steam inhalation too (nebulizing is for the lungs, not for stuffy noses). But how does one do it safely with an infant?

Here are some ways you can try:

1) A steaming basin of water placed some distance from you (to prevent you or the child disturbing the basin), with you sitting on a cushion (which will absorb any hot water should it spill and give you time to get away) with a big, light blanket covering you and the basin.

2) Using a water heater, basin in the sink with you holding the baby near the sink but not over the basin, with a light blanket to keep the steam in.

3) Using a water heater in a pail or basin in the bathroom, with you and the baby in the tub or just sitting near it, with the bathroom door closed (to create a sauna effect).

Or yes, you can just use a humidifier too. But steaming really works for us as it decongests our noses very effectively. :)

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