Friday, August 27, 2010

Make Wipes and Alcohol Your Friend

Wouldn't it be nice if radar detectors can also detect germs and viruses?

But since they can't, you'd have to do all the detecting and preempting yourself. If you're making a trip to a public place (like the mall), make baby wipes and rubbing alcohol your friend. Before sitting down with your child to dine, wipe the surfaces again, even after it's been cleaned by the crew. Insist on your kids not touching the railings, walls, etc. that could have been touched by somebody sick. Insist on washing your child's hands before eating, or any chance you get. And definitely, do not allow them to put their hands in their mouths.

Adults and kids alike are coming down with the flu right now. Hospitals are even full of sick people that some have to be confined and stay in the E.R. Constant vigilance is therefore necessary so you won't br bringing germs to your home.

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