Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snorers, Lose Weight!

Do you snore really loudly? Are you overweight? Then here's another reason for you to suddenly want some quick weight loss: deviated airways.

My father in law has just undergone a quadruple bypass operation. He was only scheduled for a triple bypass but the doctors found that there are four main arteries that are blocked. But the operation almost got postponed because they couldn't fit certain tubes up his nose and through his throat due to fats and deviated airways. The usual tubes couldn't fit and his airways were irregularly shaped. His pulmonologist didn't suspect this even after hearing him snore.

So yes, snoring could even be a sign that surgeries may be more of a challenge in the future, aside from the usual rheumatic heart disease and oxygen deprivation to the brain that are associated with it. So lose weight, snorers. And if you're undergoing major surgeries, already discuss the possibility that your airways may have irregularities.

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