Thursday, July 15, 2010

Screened Porch Uses

As I was sweating profusely during the blackout, I told my husband that my ideal home would have a screened porch so that on nights like that one, or during stormy nights when it's really cold (I love the rain), we could camp there instead and still feel safe. A garden employing hydroponic systems will make it more inviting probably, but that will just be an added bonus.

A screened porch can indeed be an extra bedroom for any family. It's also a great living room extension for receiving guests and hanging out, as well as a perfect play area for kids as it gives the illusion of being outside. Filipinos especially love the sun, even if we should minimize our sun exposure, so lounging in a screened verandah can already provide us with that energy boost only the sun can give, without actually being outside. Plus, a screened porch will give you an activity area that can utilize natural light. That is savings on power for you.

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