Friday, July 02, 2010

Every Other Day Diet

Instead of chugging diet pills, why not try first the EVERY OTHER DAY DIET? Basically, it's a kind of diet where you eat as usual on some days and go on diet (say, strict calorie count and less carbs) on others. For some peole, this works better than going on a diet day in and day out. Because you know you can eat whatever you want the following day anyway, sacrificing today isn't so hard, maybe even welcome. Of course, it doesn't mean you should go binge on the days you're not dieting, but at least you need not deprive yourself of your usual favorite dishes and desserts.

Many swear by this diet and they were able to show results in weight loss just the same. Plus, this allows for a more gradual shift to healthy eating, grooming you to actually like and look foreward to the salads and fish and fruits.

Combine this with portion control and healthier alternatives during non-diet days and am sure, calorie control will be easier.

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