Friday, July 30, 2010

Bring Light To Your Home

What one trick can you do with your curtains to let more light into your living spaces? Try framing your windows with them instead of just providing some shade. Place them in slightly longer curtain rods than your windows so you can draw them further and maximize light streaming from your window.

You can also opt to buy discount shades that's almost sheer so that light can still seep in even when they're drawn.

One other you can do is to install sliding windows on walls (made from the same material or not) separating certain rooms, which you can open during the day.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

All-Natural Deodorant from Human Heart Nature

Human Heart Nature has produced an all-natural deodorant that also aims to soften and lighten skin!

Buy direct or from consignees like One Planet Noah. Here's part of their ad blurb :)

For the first time ever, you can now
break free from bad chemicals & body odor with our
100% Natural Deodorant with Rosemary & Sunflower Oil
For softer, lighter skin

Only Php79.75 (50ml)!

Triclosan-free • Paraben-free • Parfum-free • Glycol-free • Alcohol-free • Aluminum-free

FINALLY! The long wait is over! For the first time ever, an ALL NATURAL deodorant that’s sure to combat body odor and keep your underarms light with its non-darkening formula.

Human Nature has come up with a natural alternative to keep you fresh and clean all day with the latest addition to our product line up. Not everyone may know this, but sweat is generally odourless. It is only when bacteria on the skin start to break down the sweat and mix with it that it starts to produce an offensive body odor. Because one’s underarms are moist and warm, it then becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To combat this, Human Nature dove deep down (to the seas) in order to find a natural anti-bacterial alternative to the common chemical ingredient alcohol, found in all commercial deodorants, and discovered the wonders of Chitosan.

Alcohol in traditional deodorants can cause underarms to darken. Chitosan has no such side-effects! It is 100% naturally derived from the shells of sea crustaceans. It is an anti-bacterial active that is biocompatible, non-toxic and biodegradable. Chitosan has been clinically proven to promote wound healing while also being anti-itching, anti-microbial and an excellent skin moisturizer. And because Human Nature is all about everything natural, we do not recommend using any anti-perspirant actives such as aluminum salts, which has been linked to breast cancer, because it is un-natural to block pores and prevent one’s underarms from sweating. Aside from breast cancer, aluminium salts have also been linked to reproductive system toxicity and neurotoxicity.

Now available at Metro Manila branches! Order now!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Avoid First Batches of Gadgets

The latest gadget to hve created such a buzz that I know of is the iPad. But just like in any other gadgets, the first batch sold and distributed had problems that the following batches didn't have. Techies would often advice you to avoid such batches because this is often the case. It's just like a major pilot-testing going on.

Recently, the iPhone also got such flak and lucky are the ones with iphone warranty who can have their units replaced in one of the biggest gadget recall.

I know there's usually a rush to own the latest gadget but let others test them first. You may get bragging rights with your purchase but you also usually end up dealing with hassles that aren't worth it in the long run. Patience is a virtue with new gadgets, so remember that!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rosemont Gardens Tagaytay

Just helping my friend promote their business


For those who are looking for a venue to hold a wedding, party or any social event in the Tagaytay area, we would like to offer Rosemont Gardens. It is conveniently located along the General Aguinaldo Highway, at Alfonso, Cavite, almost a stone’s throw away from Splendido and about ten minutes away from Caleruega.

At Rosemont Gardens, guests can enjoy the fresh Tagaytay air and stroll along the gardens that have a picturesque view of the Taal lake. The covered reception area can fit 100 to 150 guests and may spillover to the gardens, should you have more.

It also has a three-bedroom house where you or your guests can stay for overnight (or more!) accommodations.

For inquiries, you may call Karla Fider-Santos at 0917-8527528 (Globe), 0922-8680116 (Sun), (02)3480116 (mobile landline) or email at You an also check out their website at and view the gallery there as well as send inquiries for packages.

Directions: Take Aguinaldo Highway going towards Batangas. You will pass the rotunda and Mendez. We are about 1.1kms from the arc of Alfonso, Cavite, right across Ridgewood Heights, on the left side. If you pass Splendido, you already passed it. It is the house with the brown gate, yellowish beige wall.

Rosemont Gardens is utterly perfect for intimate gatherings!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mind Toys' Age Guidelines

As a parent, we often buy toys sometimes because we had one, wanted one, or just want one. We also buy some toys for our kids thinking it's cool, cute, or that our child is sure to enjoy it. Some, on the other hand, buy the most expensive they can find, or the most educational they can see.

Few really care about the age guideline usually stamped on the box. I know I seldom did. It was just a minor consideration, if at all. But the longer I become a Mom, the more I also realie that such age guidelines do serve a purpose.

First, there is of course the safety issue. Toys with small parts will not be appropriate for kids three years and below as it may pose a choking hazard, as toddlers are still far too curious to follow reminders. Toys with sharp or hard edges are also not really appropriate for infants yet.

Then there is the kind of play the toy was made for. Stacking cups or blocks are okay for a vast age range but say, electronic toys are likely to just be banged and thrown by kids two years and below. Before they can really appreciate what each button is for, the toy is already banged up so much that it's broken. Then there are miniature toys that will be fragile for pre-schoolers who still don't have much self-control.

But the most important thing is this: toys are meant for play that's meant for the child to have fun and learn. So the toys you should buy should be age-appropriate for your child to actually manage it and be succesful playing with it. As much as visual,electronic toys entertain, they also limit a child's imagination if given too early. Toddlers and pre-schoolers need more of toys they can mix and match, and throw and taste and build from.

So, next time you're about to make an impulsive buy, mind the age guideline and really think: what do I want this toy to accomplish for my child?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Screened Porch Uses

As I was sweating profusely during the blackout, I told my husband that my ideal home would have a screened porch so that on nights like that one, or during stormy nights when it's really cold (I love the rain), we could camp there instead and still feel safe. A garden employing hydroponic systems will make it more inviting probably, but that will just be an added bonus.

A screened porch can indeed be an extra bedroom for any family. It's also a great living room extension for receiving guests and hanging out, as well as a perfect play area for kids as it gives the illusion of being outside. Filipinos especially love the sun, even if we should minimize our sun exposure, so lounging in a screened verandah can already provide us with that energy boost only the sun can give, without actually being outside. Plus, a screened porch will give you an activity area that can utilize natural light. That is savings on power for you.

Hypoallergenic Soaps

As I was drafting my allergy article, I just realized that there are so many hypoallergenic soaps that newborns or people with sensitive skin can use. And these soaps aren't necessarily that expensive or hard to find. Dove White, for example, can be found in grocery shelves as well as drug stores. Use of these soaps can also be one of the best acne treatments there is since they won't strip your skin of its natural oils. Because they are gentle too, you can use them more times in the day.

Check out your local drug store for trusted and handy brands. Check out message boards or referrals and organic, local products. There are so many to choose from. The gentler the scent, the gentler the soap is sure to be. And yes, ask moms what they use for their newborns. After all, even if our faces (and skin) do so much for us during the day, it still really needs utmost care like the one we give to wee babes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snorers, Lose Weight!

Do you snore really loudly? Are you overweight? Then here's another reason for you to suddenly want some quick weight loss: deviated airways.

My father in law has just undergone a quadruple bypass operation. He was only scheduled for a triple bypass but the doctors found that there are four main arteries that are blocked. But the operation almost got postponed because they couldn't fit certain tubes up his nose and through his throat due to fats and deviated airways. The usual tubes couldn't fit and his airways were irregularly shaped. His pulmonologist didn't suspect this even after hearing him snore.

So yes, snoring could even be a sign that surgeries may be more of a challenge in the future, aside from the usual rheumatic heart disease and oxygen deprivation to the brain that are associated with it. So lose weight, snorers. And if you're undergoing major surgeries, already discuss the possibility that your airways may have irregularities.

Monday, July 12, 2010

MMS 2010 Open Climb Schedule

Metropolitan Mountaineering Society has just released its open climb schedule for the rest of Year 2010.

Take some time away from the metal buildings of the city and breathe clean air, enjoy quiet and meet new friends in their open climbs.

The destinations include Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Mt. Pundaquit, Mt. Balingkilat, Mt. Cinco Picos, Mt. Kalisungan, Mt. Makiling, Mt. Ugu, Mt. PUlag and Mt. Apo (in December to boot!).

MMS is very strict about the Leave No Trace way of life but it has never hampered mountaineers from having fun.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Ineng's Barbecue

Ineng's Barbecue has been around for close to a decade now but I have only tried their barbecue last month, at the death anniversary of my husband's maternal grandpa.

I normally don't eat barbecue but I ate three sticks of Ineng's! I found it really delicious and the fatty parts at the end of each stick reminded me of sweet tocino. If one wouldn't dare eat those parts, I guess they can collect it (before everybody eats them) and chop them up with fried rice. Yummy!!!

Ineng's also offers affordable meals which almost makes me feel pity for those who live and work near their 11 branches. These pork sticks must require an ab workout after because you're not likely to just eat just two sticks. It's really seldom I find meat I can eat without needing rice to go with it.

So go contact them now for your food orders:
Food Court Market! Market!
26th Street cor. C5, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)889-7342; +63(2)889-5410

Ineng’s Barbeque, The Link Bldg.
1/Lvl., The Link, North Drive cor. Makati Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-1917

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The 1st Philippine Chocolate & Ice Cream Show

Yep, you are reading it right. And yes, you may need to read some noxycut review after the event. Still, the 1st Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Show is happening at the World Trade Center on July 14-16, 2010 coinciding with the Hotel-Hostel & Restaurant Expo Philippines.

Tickets are P100 each but if you pre-register for the event, you can get them at a 50% discount. Just go here for more details.

Discover the remarkable and surprising range of chocolate and ice cream products that the Philippines and the world have to offer!!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Storytelling Saturday at Fully Booked

Details lifted from the Adarna blog

July 20 is National Children’s Book Day, and to commemorate this event, we will be at Fully Booked in The Block at SM North on July 17 for a whole day of storytelling! The authors and illustrators of the featured storybooks will also be there for meet-and-greet and book-signing.

10:30 AM to 12:00 NN
Featured Author: Rhandee Garlitos
Featured Illustrator: Ferdinand Guevara
Featured Stories:
May Higante sa Aming Bahay (story on OFW dads)
Chenelyn! Chenelyn! (story on treating household help)
Ang Itim na Kuting (debunking superstitions about black cats)

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Featured Author: Becky Bravo
Featured Illustrator: Jason Moss
Featured Stories:
Just Add Dirt
The Cat Painter
Filemon Mamon

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Featured Author: Nanoy Rafael
Featured Illustrator: Marcus Nada
Featured Stories:
The Grand Parade
Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! (a firstborn's fears about a new pregnancy)
Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy

5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Featured Author: Russell Molina
Featured Illustrator: Sergio Bumatay III
Featured Stories:
Ako si Kaliwa, Ako si Kanan
Tight Times (a story on being grateful for what you have during tight times)
Lola Puti (this has Math in it, plucking white hairs from Lola for money)

All the sessions are free and open to the public. For inquiries, please call Ergoe through 372-3548 local 122.

* all italics are mine as I've read the books

Friday, July 02, 2010

Every Other Day Diet

Instead of chugging diet pills, why not try first the EVERY OTHER DAY DIET? Basically, it's a kind of diet where you eat as usual on some days and go on diet (say, strict calorie count and less carbs) on others. For some peole, this works better than going on a diet day in and day out. Because you know you can eat whatever you want the following day anyway, sacrificing today isn't so hard, maybe even welcome. Of course, it doesn't mean you should go binge on the days you're not dieting, but at least you need not deprive yourself of your usual favorite dishes and desserts.

Many swear by this diet and they were able to show results in weight loss just the same. Plus, this allows for a more gradual shift to healthy eating, grooming you to actually like and look foreward to the salads and fish and fruits.

Combine this with portion control and healthier alternatives during non-diet days and am sure, calorie control will be easier.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Girls Nyt Out at Resorts World

Party with Giselle Sanchez and drool over Will Devaughn and Troy Montero at Resorts World Manila tonight. It will be raining men and entertainment at Bar 360 starting 9:00 PM.

Consummable charge costs P700... get your girlfriends to come with you and unwind, relax, have fun and be thrilled!!! This can even be your unofficial shower party!
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