Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hair Loss and Caps

Most people don't know this but wearing caps all the time, especially in places or during times of extreme heat may result in hair loss, or expedite their genetic predisposition to baldness.

Basically, the hair follicles get fried by the intense heat so you lose hair. And so, to prevent hair loss, wear breezy hats like sombreros instead or just use umbrellas. Bandannas will also allow your head to breathe better than caps.

If helmets are necessary in your place of work (like my Dad as a seaman before working on engines), make sure you remove the helmet as soon as possible to let your head breathe.

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Romesez said...

Mec, off topic lang, how about pampaputi ng kilikili? some women asked me to get some when I was in the Philippines (sensiya na po, di ko pa rin sarili ang oras ko nung andyan ako.) pero wala akong time mag-shop around, kaya nawaglit totally sa isip ko. Anyways, any clue kung ano ang magandang pa-gamit sa kanila?
LAgi akong late sa balita, tulad nung tanungin mo ako about metathion ba yun, tsaka ko lang nalaman afterwards kung ano yu. tange ko he he he

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