Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fortune Teahouse - Pampanga

Fortune Teahouse is a popular authentic Chinese restaurant in Pampanga, whose original branch is located in Balibago. They have a second branch now at SM Clark (at the ground floor, with its own entrance). Their dishes are very affordable, the waitstaff are very accommodating, and surprisingly enough, the food is served quite fast.

All that I have tasted from their restaurant is tres delish. I guess I can say their prices are like that of Mr. Choi's but they offer more dishes than Mr. Choi or Hap Chang.

the interior of Fortune Teahouse at SM Clark

dumpling prices

affordable packages for a group of people

savings for takeout dumplings

asado chicken I think (I wasn't the one who ordered)

pork asado

samosa dumplings

I think this was a beef dish

loved their pancit!

yummy galore sweet and sour pork

hot and sour soup

yang chow fried rice, with generous shrimp bits

initial takeout of samosa, shrimp and rice dumplings and bird's nest soup

The shrimp and crab dumpling (topmost, last picture) is highly recommended. Their chili sauce also smells and tastes so yummy, you'd want to eat it as is! Their beef wonton noodle soup is also really tasty, with the wonton filled with shrimp and mushroom and the broth a little spicy (but a child won't be bothered, as my niece wasn't).

So, next time you head North, do try grabbing a meal at Fortune Tea House. It's dining at its best at a price you can afford!

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