Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cotton Candy Figures

I was not able to get a contact number but should you be a parent looking to get a cotton candy food vendor for your children's party, do consider getting someone who can make fun shapes with the cotton candy. It's such a real enthusiasm booster among kids and adults for the party!

my son eating his teddy bear-shapped cotton candy

hearts galore for little girls

this was supposedly a long-necked dinosaur but
the girl started eating it in places already, hehe

still headless bear

The catch though is lines will be long but nothing that's so unmanageable. I swear, kids aren't likely to forget such treats. So throw a better party and get a cotton candy artist! hehe.


Edited October 06, 2010:
This particular vendor is based in Manila and can be contacted at 0933-2546299

Edited October 11, 2010:
Been told the number above can't be reached. Really can't do anything anymore about it since this is the only number my friend has. Maybe you can ask your party supplier or cotton candy vendor instead if they can provide this.


Unknown said...

Hi! I really want this for my daughter's birthday party. Can you refer me to the mom who planned this? I wanna find out how to get this cotton candy cart! Thanks in advance! :)

Mec said...

Pia... so sorry I only got the contact info of the supplier last night :) My blog post has been edited na!

Unknown said...

Thank you! Tried calling the number unfortunately it can't be reached :(

prettygirl said...

Hi do u still have the updated contact number for the cotton candy supplier?badly need it..thank you in advance

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