Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Candidates Required for Singapore

Looking to hire the following:

* Optometrist and receptionist (who will serve as clinic assistant) must be slim and pretty and her height must be above 5’2. The ideal candidate must be able to speak well and below the age of 30.

* network administrator, ideal candidate should be below 35 years old, slim and pleasant looking female. She must also possess the following criteria:

§ Min. 3 years experience in network infrastructure
§ Good knowledge of application/database servers, mail servers, firewalls, DNS
§ Good knowledge on Windows Server 2003, LAN and WAN environment, Linux Administration, and Oracle Database
§ Ensure availability and reliability of IT systems

* we also need 100 sales ladies with some experience (to work at high end malls)

* we need 40 call center agents (insurance)

* 20 male drivers.

* all applicants must be a 4 year college graduate

* all under 35 years old

* willing to work overseas minimum 2 years

* no cash out!!

Interested applicants should send their resumes to golfer at fwmc dot com dot ph. Interviews will start first week of June. Please mention you found out about this through Mec Arevalo to ensure you will be entertained. Make sure you also ask questions and raise concerns during the interview so you will not be surprised or unprepared should you get hired.

Good luck!

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