Saturday, May 01, 2010

Breakouts During Pregnancy

Horrified over breakouts on your face and reading pronexin reviews? Aghast at warts developing all over your chest? Is your skin dry, or oilier than usual? Are you having rashes and itchiness?

Wait, are you also pregnant?

If yes, then that is the culprit. Pregnancy hormones are resulting in all these dermatological maladies. And for the most part, you really should just grin and bear it while maybe applying something to soothe the itching and sensitivity. See, some derm products aren't safe for use during pregnancy and lactation. What's more, your skin might not react in the way it should, and breakouts just might end up being aggravated.

Make sure you don't self-medicate and consult your doctor for really troublesome acne. If you're lucky, you will only have problems during the first trimester (but then have to deal with stretch marks on your 3rd) and everything will resolve on its own within six months of giving birth, after your hormone levels have really normalized.

Do eat a healthy diet and try to get all the sleep and rest you can get. No use aggravating something you really cannot control.

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