Friday, April 30, 2010

The Pearl Hotel - Manila

The Pearl Manila Hotel is one of the more affordable hotels in the heart of Manila that is perfect for accommodations if you're getting married at Paco Park. If your limo is late, you can just walk to the venue.

It's not a grand hotel but we loved the room we got in 2005. I believe it was a Junior Suite, with the master's bedroom featuring a king-sized bed. I can't remember if it had stone sinks but it didn't have a bath tub. It had another bedroom with a double bed and there was another bathroom. There was also a kitchenette where you can heat food, store food, etc. and a living area.

They have a pool for events as well and halls for parties. It was where my sister-in-law celebrated her debut. Food was so-so to good. I guess a lot will depend on the budget.

But the rooms are really nice for the price. We had enough room to move about during my wedding preparation.

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