Monday, April 05, 2010

Manila Hotel Weddings

I finally got to attend a wedding at the Manila Hotel last March 20. The wedding was held near the poolside, which would have been really nice if not for half-naked people going about enjoying the pool. But the pool is a little gated. Still, hotel guests are still free to roam about and sometimes create noise in a photographer's shot.

Manila Hotel's lobby was as impressive as usual, with possibly Murray Feiss lighting and its marble floors. The event halls are just as impressive as well. Grand, classy and all kinds of luxe.

And the food was just amazing. You're sure not to get embarassed with your guests. The waitstaff were also very prompt and accommodating.

Certainly, a part of me regretted that we didn't have our wedding reception there, not that PICC and Barbara's disappointed us. But the Manila Hotel continues to be a grand hotel, and possibly more affordable now what with hotels like Sofitel being really pricey.

Plus, it is rich in history that adds to its character, something other hotels will never have.

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Irish Fleur said...

my boyfriend and i have so many good memories in Manila Hotel if i will be given a chance i want my wedding to be held there.

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