Monday, March 01, 2010

Touch, Play, Catch Energizer Game

I just learned this game last Friday and am sure others must have played this one already. But for those who haven't and are looking for an energizer to wake up their sleeping students or training participants, this is how you play TOUCH, PLAY, CATCH:

1) Have the participants form a circle.

2) Get each one to touch the point of the index finger of the person to his/her right. That is TOUCH.

3) PLAY is stroking the index finger (up & down movement) using your index and thumb.

4) CATCH is trying to catch the other person's index finger in your hand.

5) The game facilitator will be saying, touch, touch, play, play, touch (whatever sequence) ending in catch. The goal of the game is to avoid getting your finger caught.

6) Think of punishments for those whose fingers got caught.

7) You don't need to finish the game with a winner, just end it on a high note with everyone alert and open again to hearing the discussion.

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