Sunday, March 28, 2010

Go For Non-Electronic Toys

One of the mistakes I made was getting excited over electronic toys before. I requested a lot of those from my parents abroad. I ended up requiring battery packs after another.

And though they did teach my son cause and effect maybe, they did not teach him to make connections himself. They were not particularly encouraging of creativity and use of imagination. They did not let him play pretend most times. They had lights and taught songs, sure, but they ended up limiting what my son could do and learn in the end.

I am notsaying they are bad. But if you are investing on toys for your child, go for non-electronic ones. The ones he could bang and throw and still play with after. Ones that are durable and would withstand toddler roughness. At least you, and your child, will be able to enjoy the toys for a longer time. Because you see, once electronic toys are broken, they really aren't much fun anymore.

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