Friday, February 19, 2010

Farmer & Friends Play Dough Kit

The Farmer & Friends Play Dough Kit by Art Academy is a good find indeed. It's a play dough set with plastic accessories for animal eyes, nose, ears, feet, etc. and a farmer Mr. Potato Head with a rake. It costs P400+ at Toys R' Us and also comes with three tubs of clay.

My only complaint is the clay, which was a little chalky. I had to soften it with water and knead it repeatedly before we can use it. But it does smell good and I guess it can't be as soft as Play Doh because it has to somehow keep its form when you plug the face parts to it.

But what really got me to buy it was the face parts. They're really small so this isn't really for toddlers or for kids with younger siblings. And you can't let a child play with it unattended. Anyway, the face parts are so much fun and does encourage creativity and imagination. Oh, one other complaint is that the eyes in the box come in different expressions but the actual toys were the same. But it's really still super fun and people of all ages can really have so much fun with this kit.

Mr. Potato Head actually has a hat but I haven't gotten around to opeming the bag where its stored, along with the fence parts.

Really highly recommended as a gift idea if you want to make an impression on a birthday boy or girl :)

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