Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Children's Art and Messes

Experts are recently leaning more towards embracing art, physical education and music to foster values and perseverance in children, as well as teach them about responsibility and progress.

Unfortunately, art for example can be real messy. No matter how much we say that our home is a learning environment, few would really appreciate crayon lines on floor tiles and smudges on walls.

But take heart. National Bookstore alone already offers a lot of washable, non-toxic stuff. Play-Doh is easy enough to remove and most paints and crayons ARE easy enough to wipe away. Plus, you can also get old birthday tarpaulins and such to cover your floor during art time. This way, you can also get to teach your child about boundaries (we can only play with clay on this table, we can only paint around this area, etc) and you need not really clean and wipe the tarp every other use.

Even old balikbayan boxes can give your child a space to play art (and make-believe) without getting you scrubbing more areas. And you don't curtail their expression outlets. Everybody happy!

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