Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teen Years Collection at Scrapbookflair

If you're looking for edgier elements to digiscrap your child's teen years with, then head over to and start downloading the Teen Years Collection. It has laptops and cellphones for elements and also has great papers. It's definitely one of the more inspired freebies from Scrapbookflair that I've had the pleasure of downloading!

Mike Defensor Forum with Bloggers

Let me start by putting some things in context first.

I am from Manila, not Quezon City.

I did not register to vote this year, and have actually stopped voting since I got married (so that's at least two elections I missed already).

I have no real politics and am fairly ambivalent about our leaders.

I am not saying 'go vote for Mike Defensor' nor am I saying 'don't vote for Mike Defensor.'

I went to this blogger event mostly to hang out with my friend, who helped organize it. I had no expectations, no real preconceived notions, no agenda.


The blogger event was held at Mike Defensor's home in La Vista Subdivision in Katipunan. He/they even alloted drivers to fetch some of the bloggers at Petron, outside the village, and bring them to the house.

The event was scheduled to start at 5 PM but of course, people only started coming around that time. Mike's gracious wife welcomed everyone and directed them to the lanai, which was set up for 40 people or so. Catering was by Henry's Catering Service (highly-recommended for the great waitstaff and good food).


Highlights of what Mike Defensor said during the forum, and his answers to questions thrown at him:

1) Sonny Belmonte has, during his three terms (I think), increased Quezon City's budget to P10B (with an expected P2-4B more, making it P14B) for this year

2) Quezon City is now the leading city in the country and still has much potential for growth

3) Potential for growth stems from nature parks (Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife and Lamesa Eco Park); number of schools in the area; land area still available for development, business center in the Trinoma area; and the entertainment industry

4) Has many businesses, at least three were mining-related, one environment-related, one housing-related, and a mineral water business with Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino (hehe, they should go into the rv repair business too, seeing as more and more stars are getting RVs and private buses)... he estimates his net worth at P30M

5) Asked what he will ask election opponent Herbert Bautista, he said he will ask him to explain the almost P100M food expense the Vice Mayor's office has incurred in the last three years, given that the Vice Mayor's office only has P300M allotment per year...

6) Mike Defensor apologized if people think that his service to the present administration helped the government they hate, but hopes that people will at least be fair and consider his achievements as councilor, congressman, and cabinet member

7) He claimed to have no record of graft and corruption

8) He at least has been living in QC for many years and claims to still paying off loans for their lovely home in La Vista

9) Believes the RH Bill shouldn't have been adopted in QC because the high population growth in QC is due to informal settlers brought there by squatting syndicates, not due to actual baby boom among QC residents

10) Also said that the RH Bill should be a matter of national policy and not something chosen to be adopted or not by whichever city

11) Asked how he intends to address the perception that he is PGMA's pup, he responded by detailing achievements (e.g. 41 steps for Pag-Ibig Loans was reduced to 7)


13) Asked why he stuck it out with PGMA, he first stated the fact that no President left a Presidency in high favor (hubs kidded Magsaysay, who died in a plane crash). He said he joined PGMA when her ratings were high and saw no real reason to just up and leave. He also said that he isn't like other politicians who immediately jump ship just because something is going wrong. He did leave the LIBERAL PARTY because they weren't united anymore in what they want.

14) He is now supporting Villar's bid for the Presidency, believing he is the kind of President we need right now. His running mate is Aiko Melendez (who is running against Ara Mina)

15) Asked why run against Herbert if he believes Sonny Belmonte did a good job, he said he still feels that despite the growth, there are still these other things that need improvement and he believes he can lead QC and deliver those improvements.

a) Use P1.5B of the QC budget to address three things: more scholarships to OSY with no grade requirement (as long as it's passing); QC Medical card for QC residents like the one enjoyed by Makati residents; and more perks/benefits/discounts for QC senior citizens and disabled citizens

b) Phase out the use of two-stroke tricycle engines (?) for tricycles and clean out creeks as part of his first executive agenda

c) Work closely with local NGOs to provide awareness campaigns, expert support and alternative livelihood to commercial sex workers to address growing HIV/AIDS concern in the country (given that there are about 60 colleges and many BPOs in QC where adolescents are engaged in risky sexual behavior)

d) Convert Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife into a night park like the Night Safari Park in Singapore; develop business district around Trinoma; create a celebrity hub like Hollywood in QC; change the penalties to drivers/petty criminals so that their families won't get penalized as well

e) Focus on projects that promote a sustainable environment

f) Focus on putting the youth back into school as a strategy to reduce crime and drug use and make QC more sustainbale

g) Make SPED more accessible to communities by integrating them with existing schools (at least, one SPED school per district)

h) Continue streetsweeping for small-time and big-time drug pushers


To be honest, I was impressed with Mike Defensor's ability to answer questions. He may have given safe answers sometimes but there was no beating around the bush only to not have a point. He had specific plans which he would iterate one by one. He had justifications. And though there was a point in the forum when he was relating hush-hush stories, he did not spend the two hours in front badmouthing other people. Most of the session were spent on actual issues. He really talked about his plans.

He only balked a little twice:
1) When asked what his specific net worth was (for purposes of comparison to what it would be someday), he had a guarded expression. But I don't take that against him... even the common folk don't like saying how much they earn or how much they got paid anyway.

2) When I asked him about his take on restorative justice and if it was part of his agenda to complement the work the DSWD does and invest on conversion programs for children in conflict with the law (CICL). He was honest about not knowing much about R.A. 9344 but said he intends to strengthen existing youth centers like the one in Molave... and also connected that with his free education agenda. He also later approached me about being interested in what I do (with FAD Inc. and the Rotary Club of Chinatown-Manila) for restorative justice. He gave me his number and I also told him I would contact him about breastfeeding training for his plans of free prenatal care and child delivery for QC residents.


Politics aside, I loved their home. It was huge but it was more spacious than opulent. It was a modern Filipino home. And I also appreciated that though they exerted a lot of effort for our comfort, there was no grand display of generosity.

tables were laden with healthy snacks like peanuts
and chestnuts and oranges

a lot of bloggers had laptops open at the event

he remained cool on the hot seat


Aside from the press kit, we did get a 2 gb thumb drive. I also have a button bearing my name and blog! Just so I am transparent as well.


To be fair as well, they did include photocopies of proofs of Herbert Bautista's questionable spending in the press kit. I wish though that they scanned the pages instead and just saved it in the thumb drives. At least we could easily share it with online friends.


Also a fact. Despite the improvements Mike Defensor has made with PNR, they were still unable to pay their debts to PPA. I checked with former colleagues.


He will never be my Mayor and I am still on the fence about him as a politician, but if he can help me further my advocacies, then I intend to work with him.

Now, I hope this helps others who are voting this May. If he's just lying, then it's between him and the people of QC.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

No-Fuss Fried Squid

If you're like me who like squid only when its presented certain ways, then maybe this no-fuss way I cook it is something you'd like.

I just basically clean and chop any-sized squid and let it marinate in some Maggi Magic Sarap, salt and lots of pepper for two hours or more. Then before frying in only a little oil, I add some flour to the squid. Then I fry it till its cooked (around ten minutes).

I don't like grilled squid as there's usually a bitter aftertaste or charred parts. This way, I get to enjoy the squid flavor and make sure I don't end up with tough squid. Enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Farmer & Friends Play Dough Kit

The Farmer & Friends Play Dough Kit by Art Academy is a good find indeed. It's a play dough set with plastic accessories for animal eyes, nose, ears, feet, etc. and a farmer Mr. Potato Head with a rake. It costs P400+ at Toys R' Us and also comes with three tubs of clay.

My only complaint is the clay, which was a little chalky. I had to soften it with water and knead it repeatedly before we can use it. But it does smell good and I guess it can't be as soft as Play Doh because it has to somehow keep its form when you plug the face parts to it.

But what really got me to buy it was the face parts. They're really small so this isn't really for toddlers or for kids with younger siblings. And you can't let a child play with it unattended. Anyway, the face parts are so much fun and does encourage creativity and imagination. Oh, one other complaint is that the eyes in the box come in different expressions but the actual toys were the same. But it's really still super fun and people of all ages can really have so much fun with this kit.

Mr. Potato Head actually has a hat but I haven't gotten around to opeming the bag where its stored, along with the fence parts.

Really highly recommended as a gift idea if you want to make an impression on a birthday boy or girl :)

Toy Racks Are Space Savers

Toy racks are great space savers and organizers. Your toddler can easily see and get to see his favorite toys and he can also put them back according to his own system. He is more likely to come up with his own classification system anyway because he will notice that some things can't go in the lower racks (the bulkier toys) and that it's better if he put his dinosaur stuff together and his toy tools in a separate bin.

And although you're unlikely to put Ferrari parts there, such toy racks can also serve a great purpose in closets and garages, maybe even the pantry. It is at least easy to clean. You just have to get a really sturdy set. And if you can't find one, you can always make do with shelves and separate bins.

This one, we found at Robinson's Place (3rd floor, toy display outside the department store) at P2,400 I think. It's a fairly big one, more appropriate perhaps for bigger kids (or one with just so much clutter).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spirit of '67 at the Resorts World Manila

The band, Spirit of '67, is one of the best showbands ever that I have gotten to enjoy. They had/have regular gigs at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel and one of our primary sponsors got them for a wedding renewal last 2007 (back then, their rate was P80k already for that gig).

Mostly, they sing oldies classics so the crowd usually ends up dancing. And because of their popularity, they now also have regular gigs at Resorts World Manila, which is also near the posh Maxims Hotel.

Spirit of '67 will be playing at Resorts World Manila on February 24 and March 03 at the Bar 360. Cover charge is P700, inclusive of two drinks (softdrinks, local beers and red or white wine). Bring a date and your dancing shoes because you are sure to be entertained!

For an idea of how sweet they sound, click here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cyfisher Quickpages

I stumbled on a great source of free quickpages by a very generous person. Head onto Cheryl Fisher's blog and start downloading her free quickpages. There are a lot of great ones for digiscrapping kids' pictures. Make sure you also leave her some love when you grab her freebies :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bisolvon SuperMoms Blog Event

Sign up now for the Bisolvon SuperMoms Blog Event at the Fun Ranch this coming Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 9:30 PM. The event will be hosted by Ms. Regine Tolentino.

Activities for the day include
* Funtivities: Nintendo Wii, Face Painting, Fun Ranch rides
* Informative discussion on Parenting
* Entertainment
* Exciting gifts

You can even bring your kids!!! Register now and just maybe, you can even chat with Ms. Regine and discuss her beauty secrets as well, like what tretinoin cream she uses and what her regular exercise regime is.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Tax Your Colon

Unfortunately for us, much of what we eat now are not easily digested and processed and can result in impacted bowel in the colon. A diet consisting of caffeine, deep fried foods, meats, soda, refined sugar and white flour means that we are ingesting a lot of toxins for our colon to process, making us an automatic candidate for colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.

Fortunately for us, regular colon cleansing can be had by just taking psyllium supplements in either seed or husk form. This will result in not just better bowel movement but also better sleep, better skin and mental and physical alertness. Eating less or non-processed foods like fruits and vegetables will also go a long way in making sure we're not loading up on toxins that our body will have a harder time to expel later.


Last Valentine nAPO Nila - Review

Last Valentine nAPO Nila kickstarted APO Hiking Society's series of farewell concerts as the group officially retires this year. I believe it will be a series of 16 or so concerts all over the country and some places abroad, the last of which will coincide with the May elections at the Araneta Coliseum. That is what I heard, though I have yet to find their schedule. Hehe.

the venue
The Valentine concert was held at the SMX Convention Center. And though the place is new and accessible and prestigious, ambiance-wise, I will really think twice about going to a concert there again! The concert was in Function Room 3 and 4, I think, which was basically a rectangular room and they set up the stage in the center of one of its longest walls. So those with the cheaper tickets had to depend largely on a video wall. Heck, we were GOLD ticket holders ourselves but had to be content with mostly Jim Paredes on stage (because several things were obstructing our view) or watching from the video wall. And we were seated at the second row! I think Music Museum would have been a better venue (but it would probably be smaller or more expensive, I don't know).

the crowd
It was amusing to see folks in their 40s to 60s, some of which were dressed to the nines, some of the women wearing gowns, formal wear, pearls. Then again, APO Hiking Society has a 40-year strong musical legacy. It was also amusing to see young people (youngest I saw was probably ten years old) tagging along with parents and grandparents, looking bored during the one hour delay.

They said it was a 5,000 crowd. The great thing was, since it's APO Hiking Society we went to watch, the crowd was mostly made up of educated and well-bred folks. Otherwise, the one hour delay could have resulted in a really boisterous crowd. Plus, since the event organizers/ushers sucked big time (I don't know who to blame, not just for the technical difficulties, but for the lack of proper signs directing people to the right lines, for the change in seat layout), it was a blessing that the most people did were frown and ask sarcastic questions in a mild manner.

The only celebrities I saw were Mike Enriquez and Rajo Laurel (who had the unfortunate luck to be seated in front but to the right of the stage, with several stage props blocking his view of the stage, and a weird angle hindering him from really enjoying the video wall).

I believe a lot of people came in families as well. They must be family friends of the group or people who thought it's a great thing to go to as a family.

the program
Kaye Brosas served as front act, opening the show in a wedding dress. I love her, toilet humor and all. Plus, she really has an amazing voice! It felt like I was in a comedy bar though and the Mom in me couldn't help but worry about how parents felt, having their kids hear certain language and such humor from Kaye.

The concert lasted for three hours, with APO Hiking Society performing nonstop for two and a half of it. In all honesty, I felt exhausted for them! But it was a great show. They sang many medleys and I loved that part where they sang old folk songs in modern ways. They also sang Kabilugan ng Buwan in marching band, rock and roll (Elvis) and Latin (America) style.

They sang their old songs I heard there for the first time. They sang songs I love, usually in medley. But I love that they sang the entire PANALANGIN song because it was one of the songs we used at my wedding.

They also unabashedly supported and promoted Noynoy Aquino's bid for the Presidency with a song (Mr. Suave, "Noynoynoy, Noynoynoy") and lambasted all the others in a funny song they made up. And in between, they engaged in hilarious repartee.

Many times, I felt emotional, feeling for those in the crowd who grew up with their songs... and feeling for them who are bowing out with grace.

They ended the night with MAGKAYAKAP SA DILIM.

I was clapping all throughout the concert and laughing out loud. It was really a great show. It felt very intimate too. It showcased what made them the APO Hiking Society... great songwriting, classic melodies and true emotions. And an ability to grow with the changing times. Indeed, THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC, APO HIKING SOCIETY.

I strongly encourage everybody to catch the rest of their shows.

Don't Dry Up in the Summer Heat

Summer heat is upon us. Already, afternoons are horribly humid and everybody's throat is parched. If you're overweight like me, you'd also feel a little short of breath just walking short distances in this heat.

So hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. Drinking lots of water will save you from real medical problems brought about by heat as well as from drying up like a raisin. If your skin is looking all dried up and you're sporting cracked lips, it means you're not hydrating enough. And that you may need to load up on certain vitamins.

And though it makes us feel icky applying them, using moisturizers, lotion, sunscreens and anti aging face cream regularly and vigilantly will go a long way in having healthy skin. So take the time and make the investment. An ounce of face cream now IS worth more than a pound of wrinkle creams later.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Savings

It's Chinese New Year and well, for 2010, one and a half months has already passed. How have you fared with the "I will save more" bit of your new year's resolution? Know that just because economies everywhere are picking up doesn't mean you should be slacking on your savings. In fact, all the more reason to really monitor your cashflow because your savings can give you greater opportunities for income in the future.

Listing expenses daily or weekly is one strategy. Another is updating a cashflow statement. Maybe you might even want to invest on a budget software to help you save more. You can purchase one from sites like Automatic deductions for savings deposits and bills payments as well as limited/non-use of credit cards could also save you the hassle of having to resist temptation to forego payments or necessary deposits.

Setting money aside is usually the hardest initially, because you're not yet used to the limited income. But you do adjust in time. Focusing on the goal also helps with the change of attitude about saving all that cash.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Enduranz Dinner With Giselle

I have already blogged lengthily on trying to conceive and Enduranz capsules. Now, allow me to share video snippets of the blogger event with Ms. Giselle Sanchez so you can hear the same from her lips.

I also recently suggested to a friend based in the Middle East that she make her husband try tongkat ali products since Ms. Giselle and husband first got theirs from Dubai. My friend told me that her husband is already taking tongkat ali supplements because it's really famous as a testosterone booster.

I repeat. Enduranz is not like Viagra. It's a testosterone booster so you can build more muscles, maybe feel stronger and produce enough seminal fluids and healthy sperm.

Under Renovation

Two favorite restaurants are under renovation as we speak. First, don't ring the doorbell at Cafe Molinari because it's homey atmosphere and affordably delicious food are not available and won't be for at least a month.

Also under renovation is a part of the Padre Faura wing at Robinsons Place Malate, affecting Mr. Choi, home of the Chinese cooking without the MSG. It's largely due to Robinsons expansion which I hope will happen in record time. I am due to buy fish chips from Mr. Choi in a month's time to send to my mother abroad!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

P50,000 Worth of Scholarships from at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) has partnered with the Asian Instutute of Management (AIM) and Anton Diaz of

All one has to do is write a blog entry on “How Blogging Can Change the World.” to possibly win a full scholarship (worth P25,000) and two half-scholarships (worth P12,000) to Anton's Maven Secrets Class at AIM . On that post, have links to, and

This is absolutely perfect for those who have been blogging awhile already but haven't really come up with their own brand yet in the blogging world. The three-month long class is sure to make you realize your strengths and potentials as well as deal with your sticking points and stumbling blocks.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I was asking strangers to share with me their wedding or loving pictures when a stranger directed me to the Smugmug link of their pictures. Yes, I know, I love Smugmug and Metrophoto was able to connect their site to Smugmug to upload their portfolio.

Go check out their site for yourself and you will see their great captures. Intimate moments and nuances in expression are all caught in different perspectives, angles and color. Sure, they must also have a really great editing team to work on the pictures but one can never rave over bad pictures, and their pictures are really, really great!

They did not list their package rates though, and considering they seem to be highly demanded for out-of-town and out-of-country gigs, I am guessing they cost an arm and a leg. But the pictures, I think, are really, really worth it.

Go check their portfolio! They also do family portraits and are sure to be able to provide your paparazzi needs.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine Flowers For Sale

For those living in the south (Parañaque, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas) who want to send their beloved gf, wife or mother Valentine flowers, take advantage of my sister-in-law's low, low prices.

You can't pay her through credit card and they wouldn't have a barcode scanner when they do deliver the flowers, but you can easily pay them cash because the flowers are really affordable... with no quality sacrificed.

This is what my SIL posted in Facebook:

6 long stem pink roses for P660 -->P110/ pc.
Other colors: Red or White Roses P90/pc.
Arranged very well. VERY VERY AFFORDABLE.
Different flowers also available.
For questions/ inquiries: 0919-8472811 or e-mail ira619 @

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Win an MSI Netbook by Giving Yuga Your Best Shot

Yuga of is holding a Gimme Your Best Shot contest. All a person has to do is go to the most crowded place and have your picture taken holding the sign “Follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe on Twitter! “.

Want a sample?

Here's one!

There will be 54 consolation prizes (Globe Tattoo and P500 Globe load) and a grand prize of MSI Wind U123H 3G netbook that comes with a Globe Tattoo SIM card.

The more creative entries, the better. Maybe you can even take your best shot during your Valentine date! Contest runs from February 3 to 26.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Trying to Conceive and Enduranz Capsules

First of, Enduranz didn't pay me to promote them. But I did have fun at the Meet-and-Greet Blogger Event with Giselle Sanchez where she was promoting Enduranz.

Secondly, I have a pretty good idea of just how invasive fertility workups are on women. Usually, men are just made to masturbate for a sperm analysis but women get to be poked (trans vaginal ultrasound), injected, dyed (for HSG) aside from maybe having to take Metformin and also having to exercise.

And i'm not saying those procedures on women are unwarranted. I am saying however that it takes two to tango and men are equally stressed as women and are likely to have the same weight issues, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles. So it really shouldn't be a surprise if men in their 30s may have testosterone-production problems already.


Testosterone plays two very distinct roles:
~ Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation.
~ Androgenic effects include maturation of the sex organs, particularly the penis and the formation of the scrotum in the fetus, and after birth (usually at puberty) a deepening of the voice, growth of the beard and axillary hair. Many of these fall into the category of male secondary sex characteristics. (from Wiki)


Many things affect testosterone (stress, health, lifestyle, diet) which in turn affect sperm cell health and production. That is where Enduranz Capsules for Men come in.

Enduranz capsules is a multi-herb FOOD SUPPLEMENT. Because it's made from natural ingredients, the effects are not immediate but there is little or no side effects at all. And the benefit is usually systemic, improving overall health instead of just targeting something. It's main ingredients are tongkat ali, malunggay, banaba and gotu kola. Just Google each ingredient and you're likely to find benefits for each one instead of negative side effects.

Enduranz is not like Viagra, which makes a guy erect even if he isn't making love. It's also not like Red Bull 'energy drink', which loads one up in caffeine. Because of its ingredients, Enduranz basically boosts sperm production, improves glucose and metabolism as well as blood circulation. Unlike steroids, it does not compromise your health, especially your heart, and there aren't withdrawal symptoms if you miss a dose or stop taking it altogether.

If trying to conceive, you can also increase your dosage at will, and again not experience any annoying or harmful side effects.

And even if you're not trying to conceive, you can still use it. One of the people i've met said that men who want to build up muscle mass use it instead of taking steroidsas they exercise.

The box says that IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY THERAPEUTIC CLAIM but that doesn't mean it doesn't have any therapeutic value. Unfortunately, men use it thinking it's like cialis or some other drug that will make them last for hours. Of course, they will be disappointed. Best to think of Enduranz in the same league as Circulan, Ampalaya Plus, etc. A daily vitamin, not a one-time wonder drug.

The Enduranz representative said its best to take Enduranz 10 minutes before meals since it has a better chance of being absorbed by the body and not go out as poop.


Back to trying to conceive.

Like what I said, usually, the procedures women go through are invasive. And taking in all those drugs will have side effects (Metformin is a good drug, but it does affect the liver and even diabetics are encouraged to diet and exercise so they'd need less Metformin).

So if a couple is open to food supplements and herbal medicine, then i'd strongly recommend the guy to try Enduranz and the woman to take Moringana instead of downing so many Vitamin Cs, Zinc, Vitamin E and calcium supplements. Both are food supplements that may result in overall health without the side effects. Less costly too.

I'm not saying that they don't go through fertility workups. I'm just saying they might want to try Enduranz, or complement their workups with it. At least, the man is equally making sure he's in top form as the woman monitors and gets injected and whatever else. Surely it will increase the chances of conception.

Think of it this way. You, the woman, will prime yourself up to come up with one mature egg for each cycle, but meanwhile, your husband doesn't eat or sleep right, and is stressed from work. Come conception day, you make love, praying for positive results. But you get disappointed when your period comes and think you didn't do something right when really, your man's sperm count or motility is the problem.

Sperm count and motility isn't permanent. Your man might have enough when he gets his sperm analysis but that can change depending on his diet, lifestyle, health and frame of mind.

And that's really why I like the idea of guys taking Enduranz, should they wish to, because it will complement all the other things a woman does in pursuit of conception.


Giselle Sanchez has blogged about how Enduranz got her pregnant. Her husband responded to the tongkat ali in the product.

So why not bring it up with your doctor?


Check out the Enduranz blog for videos (especially that of Giselle Sanchez and Emil Buencamino's)
Testosterone and Immunity
Testosterone and Male Libido
Chronic Stress and Testosterone Levels
Boost Testosterone

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom

One would think that since there are so many other attractions now, like the Manila Ocean Park and Science Discovery Center at MOA or the Zoobic Safari in Subic that Enchanted Kingdom will be less crowded. Add to that the fact that recession is still here and it's after Christmas. Unfortunately, it is as crowded as ever. People falling in line for their tickets are advised that there is usually a two-hour waiting time for the really popular rides (like Anchor's Away) and other attractions.

When we got there at 5:00 PM on a Saturday, buses were still arriving from places like Pangasinan!

Entrance Fee/Carousel all you can costs P150 while ride all you can tickets cost P400 for weekdays and P500 for holidays and weekends. Discounted rates are given to government employees and bearers of Diskwentong Peyups cards. Souvenir shirts sold in kiosks cost P200 (for kids, white) and P220-250 (for kids, colored).

The 4D Discovery Theater was showing Journey to the Center of the Earth when we went there. The Grand Carousel is still grand, reminding you of Dolan Designs lighting once you're in the area. Prepare for pictures with lomo effects when taking them while riding one of the horses, without flash.

The fireworks display is still amazing and the best place to see it is still in that area after the Midway Boardwalk, with the giant ferris wheel to your left.

Parking costs P50, within the Enchanted Kingdom car park or the empty lot just before the theme park.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Children's Art and Messes

Experts are recently leaning more towards embracing art, physical education and music to foster values and perseverance in children, as well as teach them about responsibility and progress.

Unfortunately, art for example can be real messy. No matter how much we say that our home is a learning environment, few would really appreciate crayon lines on floor tiles and smudges on walls.

But take heart. National Bookstore alone already offers a lot of washable, non-toxic stuff. Play-Doh is easy enough to remove and most paints and crayons ARE easy enough to wipe away. Plus, you can also get old birthday tarpaulins and such to cover your floor during art time. This way, you can also get to teach your child about boundaries (we can only play with clay on this table, we can only paint around this area, etc) and you need not really clean and wipe the tarp every other use.

Even old balikbayan boxes can give your child a space to play art (and make-believe) without getting you scrubbing more areas. And you don't curtail their expression outlets. Everybody happy!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Celdran Tours Corregidor This March

Carlos Celdran, famous for his tours of Manila, will take around 28 people on a special tour of Corregidor. The tour is scheduled first weekend of March in collaboration with Sun Cruises.

If you check the Sun Cruises site, however, you would only find the rates for the regular tours so here are the details of the Carlos Celdran Corregidor Tour slated for march 6-7, 2010 as e-mailed to me:

Carlos Celdran Tour: March 06-07,2010

I. Itinerary
7:00am Check in Sun Cruises terminal CCP Bay Terminal A, CCP Complex (near Harbour Square)
7:30am Boarding
8:00am ETD MNL
9:30am ETA Corregidor / check in at Corregidor island
11:00am lunch at La Playa Restaurant
2:30pm Guided island tour
5:30pm Sunset viewing / Night tunnel tour
8:00pm Dinner by the beach with bonfire
9:00pm Ghost hunting (optional)

Day 2
5:30am Sunrise viewing / Hiking
7:00am breakfast at La Playa Restaurant
free time for swimming, hiking on Malinta Hill,
zipline* (optional)
11:00am lunch at La Playa Restaurant
12:00nn check out
2:30pm ETD Corregidor
3:45pm ETA MNL

II. Rates
Adult rate: Php5,000/person (based on double/triple sharing)
Adult rate: Php5,700/person (single occupancy)
Child without bed: Php4,000/person (sharing bed with adults)

III. Payment
You can deposit your payment at any BDO branch to:
Account Name: Sun Cruises, Inc.
Account Type: Savings Account
Account No.: 4510-160146

Upon payment, fax or email Sun Cruises copy of your deposit slip to confirm that payment has been deposited and slots will not be released to other waitlisted passengers.


IV. Reminders
1. Do not be late for the check in and departure.
2. Do not lose your boarding pass.
3. Bring comfortable clothing. Rubber shoes is advised for trekking and hiking.
4. Bring shades, sunblock, mosquito repellent and your personal medicine (if you have).
5. Needless to say, you should not forget your camera for picture taking.

For inquiries, pls call 527 5555 local 4515 or email ( /

This is a perfect opportunity for pre-nuptial photos (with or without a hired photographer) since the itinerary is leisurely. It's also perfect for getting your kids interested about Philippine history anf the war and the sacrifices of Filipinos who have come before us.

I have already spent a weekend there and would love to enjoy a bonfire dinner near the beach (it's super duper cold there!), unfortunately, I have classes on Saturdays.

Remember, limited slots available so book asap!!!
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