Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stressed Skin

Post-holiday, more people probably have zits and breakouts or dry skin. It's from all the partying and bad food and long nights and other stresses we get during the holidays. Heck, it could even be from all the make-up from having to go to everywhere and anywhere. Some even enjoyed the sun in Boracay last December to enjoy the really clean waters during that time of the year.

Aside from hydrating, eating well and resting and using natural anti-acne/wrinkle treatments such as cucumber, papaya or egg whites, there are other sites that sell products that will help you with your dermalotogical maladies. One such site is Neutrogena is an established name in the beauty industry because of its hypoallergenic products that actually work. People swear by Neutrogena and they have taken pains to get more feedback from users to improve their products. So if your smooth skin is taking a holiday, get it back to work through one of their time-tested products. Maybe all you'd need is their soap!

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