Friday, January 15, 2010

Post Feast Pains

We feasted over the holidays. More than that, we lacked sleep due to all the parties, reunions, planning, and trips we did. And we were stressed from all the shopping and maybe holiday drama.

All those will take a toll on our bodies.

So it's pretty common that people will be coming down with the colds, experiencing chest pains and seeking joint pain relief.

Some things you can however do to ease your pains include:
1) Taking vitamins, especially Vitamin C
2) Eat more fruits and vegetables
3) Catch up on rest and sleep
4) Drink tea and eat oatmeal to detoxify
5) Exercise
6) Drink plenty of fluids
7) Avoid sugar, salt and fats
8) Avoid processed food

Salt is especially unhelpful with cholesterol problems and few people know that. We just automatically assume it's just fatty foods that will boost our cholesterol levels.

Sometimes, hot and cold compress also helps pains. Aromatherapy and massage can also go a long way. If symptoms persist, however, best to consult a physician because you might need to take medicine for your condition already.

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