Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lighten Up Your Party with Glowstick Glasses

Well, there really isn't any glass. They're more eyeglass frames. I failed to take a picture of the packaging but I bought it for P15 each at the 2nd floor of New Divisoria Mall. Each package will contain connectors and two glowsticks. They were perfect during the Holidays and will be perfect in other parties, concerts, as giveaways or wherever you're going anywhere that could be dark. They add interest to you, a certain level of cool and quirkiness and they're really cheap. They could even be great talking points!

And you really only need to buy a set for the connectors the first time. After that, you can just buy a whole canister of glowsticks and change colors at will.

The most luminous colors are green and yellow. Blue doesn't seem to glow at all.


Unknown said...

Ang cute!!
San po ba yung New Divisoria Mall?:)
Saan po banda?
Ano pong color ng building?
Thanks! :)

Mec said...

Khristar... uhm, dirty white? :) It's the one at Ylaya/Tabora and is actually an old bldg na (but that's its name eh) :)

Unknown said...

Sa nasunog po b. Doon pa rin po mabibili!

Mec said...

Coach Tina... sorry, this post was written in 2010 pa. I have no idea now if anyone in Divi is selling the same.

You can get them from Oriental Trading (online shop abroad) and some other bulk buy sites

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