Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

This often surprises women after giving birth. Hair starts falling around three months after delivery and they wonder if it's the stress of adjusting to a newborn that's causing it or should they be concerned already about female pattern hair loss and more serious things like alopecia.

Chances are big that it's actually just hormones stabilizing after the pregnancy that's causing the hair that did not fall off during the pregnancy to start falling after the delivery. Part of the pregnancy mask or glow is having thicker, faster growing hair during pregnancy as hair is locked in the growing stage. Then these are shedded after 100 days or so from the birth of the baby and can last up to even a year.

Of course, stress can aggravate hair loss which is why it's still important for new mothers to get all the help they can get. To minimize the shedding, here are some things that a new Mom can do:

1) keep taking prenatal vitamins (the Zinc and fish oil are especially great for overall skin health)
2) scalp massage (using fingers or boar brittle brush on detangled hair)
3) have a great birthing experience, with enough support before and after the delivery
4) use mild hair care products that won't clog pores
5) avoid hairstyles that put extra stress on the hair (harsh chemicals, braids all stress your hair)
6) eat more fruits and vegetables

Know that this kind of hair loss IS temporary but if it's really bothering you, feel free to consult a doctor for help.

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