Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun in Summer Learning

Most schools offer field trips for their students which are hopefully intriguing and enlightening. But parents can do more for their kids this summer by making learning fun, and I don't mean just academic subjects.

Sure, more trips to museums (the Science and Discovery Museum at MOA, Museong Pambata along Roxas Boulevard, etc.) may result in a mesothelioma lawyer in the family someday but there are other things that families can go to that will be equally stimulating.

A trip to nature parks and even the La Mesa Dam will remind you of your biology subjects and your kids are more likely to remember what you say than their own teachers about water, plants and how creatures depend on both to survive. Holidays at the beach will teach them about the simple wayof life, of how fishermen depend on nature for a bountiful catch and what their role is in ensuring there will still be something to be caught in future. Provincial trips and hiking trips will be immersion trips in local culture, so try to avoid the usual bustling touristy cities. Go where Filipino culture is alive and not overwhelmed by commercialization and Westernization.

Get your kids involved in marketing and grocery shopping. Get them to plan the family budget and meals as well as the trips and nice purchases. Or get them working for extra bucks that will teach them the value of hard work. Just make sure you engage your kids and not let them waste their summer away just playing ball or watching TV.

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