Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feel Pretty By Going Healthy

I have never been pretty. But I have always felt attractive, at least, until a year after giving birth when I gained all the weight back. And for over a year, I have posed in lesser pictures, I have bought less clothes, I have even skipped weddings for lack of something to wear.

But I just noticed that you do not have to lose that much before feeling the benefits of diet and exercise. In fact, there'd be a spring on your step and you will just clearly have more energy to go about your business during the day even if you haven't lost a pound yet.

I even started feeling sexy and attractive again even if I am still panting my way through the treadmill.

So make the choice to eat and live healthy asap and notice the positive things it immediately brings to your life. And when you start seeing results, am sure there'd be plenty more to be happy about.

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