Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dealing With Low Testosterone

A man in their early 30's up to their 50's may suddenly experience several different symptoms that affect their quality of life enough to be a cause for concern. Premature balding, hair loss, weakening bone mass, mood swings and anxiety, slower metabolism, impotence and a reduced libido can be a sign of a decreased testosterone level in the body. Before, men experience this generally after hitting 40, but considering the diet and lifestyle of the modern man, stress alone can get a man in his 20's to experience the above symptoms.

Good for them, they can easily use a testosterone cream. However, they may have to deal with some side effects, which may be mild but can be annoying just the same. These can run the gamut of more depression, anxiety, and possible mood disorders, digestion problems, skin irritation from applying the cream and even hypertension from frluid retention.

Even better, there are more natural ways to boost one's testosterone levels with little or no side effects. First of, men should lose their bellies slowly but surely. Address the bigger fat deposits or bigger muscle groups first. And actually engage in more sex! Guys should also limit their alcohol intake and make sure they eat healthy, regular meals. No skipping meals or going for long hours without food intake.

Plus, getting enough rest and sleep is a sure way to boost testosterone levels so always be sure to catch zzzz's.

Now, even women can do the above worry-free.

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