Friday, January 29, 2010

Cafe Molinari

Cafe Molinari is a restaurant along V. Cruz (near the corner of Taft Avenue). DLSU, DLS-CSB and St. Scholastica students are sure to know this one. It offers a sor of finer dining option from the other fastfood chains in the area. Meals (rice with viand) start at P99.

The ambiance is cozy and the meals are a joy. Not sure if it offers wifi but I've seen a lot of patrons with their laptops on or playing their ps3 undisturbed. The staff are real friendly and the service is great.

It's becoming a regular haunt for my classmates and I. Try the sardines meal and their blueberry cheesecake if you do get to pass by.


angel_chua429 said...

hi! can i use the pics here for my mini magazine? i'm featuring cafe molinari but when i went there, i learned that its under renovation. the magazine is for my midterm project. hope to hear from you asap. thanks!

Mec said...

I guess ok lang, just give me proper credit :) Mec Arevalo :)

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