Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End the Year with Thanks

For sure, you received something from the office, from family members and friends or your community group this Christmas. For the internet-savvy, you must have also been tagged on Facebook or sent e-newsletters to. If you were parents like us who just held a Christening for their son, you must have also been showered with gifts by your guests. And for sure, for even just one day, you received a remarkable amount of kindness from someone this year.

So, end the year with thanks. Luckily, our post office can be depended on so write down a quick message and send them via snail mail or overnight delivery already. If you want to save on paper, design thank you cards using Photoshop and tag your friends or send via e-mail. If you have belated gifts, send your thanks with those.

Just make sure you show your gratitude to those who made you feel special this year. It's a sure way to start 2011 right too!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brazo de Mercedes from Shopwise Bakeshop

There will be no picture for this post.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that the Brazo de Mercedes (the more expensive one, costing around P170 per half-roll) from Shopwise Bakeshop is just way too sweet.

I love sweet. And I love custard way too much for my own good. But their Brazo de Mercedes is just really way too sweet. The custard is actually not too sweet but the meringue/egg white foam part is sweet, and it's sprinkled with sugar (as in you get the grains) plus it's also drizzled with caramelized sugar.

Way too sweet! So yeah, never again. Because as you can see, all I can say about the cake is it's way too sweet!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Limit Newborn-Sized Baby Clothes Purchases

This is a really practical tip when preparing your baby layette. Just buy enough baby clothes to last your child for a week without doing laundry, with two or three nicer ones for going out.

First of all, since newborns have sensitive skin, it is recommended that their clothes, especially those soiled by spit ups and poop, are washed as soon as possible. Other than those, however, the clothes basically remain clean as newborns are clean and thus won't require intense washing. So they're also easier to wash and wear.

Newborns really balloon in the first three months or so, which won't allow you much mileage on newborn-sized clothes. I bought a few 0-3 and more 0-6 months clothes and only two newborn-sized shirts.

And then, there are the gifts from friends and family, just because they're blessing your baby, attending your shower or joining your family in the baby's dedication/christening. Not to mention hand-me-down clothes as well.

So limit your newborn-sized purchases and channel the savings on more important items instead, like a fab sling or a sturdy pen.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Artscow Cosmetic Bags - Review

These are the smallest of the Artscow cosmetic bags, shown front and back that is approximately 7 inches in width and 4 inches in height. I didn't realize that I was sort of expecting the picture to be printed on something like plastic, or that material used for tarpaulins. Something with a shiny finish, at least. Instead, I got a cosmetic bag that's cloth and resembled pencil cases.

This is not to say I was unhappy with my purchase though. First, I got all these for only $8 (so make sure you take advantage of promos).

The cosmetic bag seems to be well-made but can only accommodate a compact powder, a liner, one or two lipsticks and a comb. More than that and the stitching might give, plus the pictures will get distorted. And one must not forget that the objective of the purchase was to have something personalized.

I haven't tried washing it yet (since we just got it) so I cannot comment on that yet. One other tip though is to really use good photos (with nice contrast) and dark colors (especially for the background). Using light colors just make the bag seem washed out already. Don't shy away from vivid because the printing will be vivid.

Will I order some again? Sure, why not! If the price is right.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Granny Panties after CS Deliveries

I never thought I'd wear granny panties. You know, those really huge ones that ride high over your waist, they're like binders.

And for my first CS delivery, I didn't need it. I was just fine using bikini panties. But for my second one, my scar really hurt. Bikinis just rubbed on the scar and made it feel more raw. And since newly-delivered moms have to contend with lochia, not wearing panties wasn't an option.

Wearing granny panties was, however.

Now, I sort of love them. They don't rub on my scar. They don't show panty lines, making one believe am wearing a thong. And they help cushion the friction from the binder I have to wear 24/7. What's more, they really are like binders and offer some tummy support.

But I guess one does not dare get caught in the usual ones, so maybe you can buy maxi panties with tummy tuckers instead. They're really just glorified granny panties but they will look sexier.

For everyday wear though, the usual ones already work.

Now, let me go back to reading testoripped reviews before I divulge some other post-pregnancy unglamorous stuff.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chamilia for One of a Kind Jewelry

It may be too late for Christmas but am sure orders can still make it for the New Year. This is for all the husbands and sons out there who have yet to buy the important women in their life some Christmas gift.

Chamilia offers one of a kind jewelry. Since their designs are not generic, the recipient is bound to treasure it more because it will help her feel unique and distinctive. Plus, the jewelry can be great conversation pieces because she can regal her admirer on how she fashioned it herself by choosing which beads will be worn that day. Don't you just love fancy DIY?

Order now boys. Do not wait till Valentines!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Books for Less

Books for Less, Booksale, Books and Mags, Chapters and Pages... these are some of the discount boosktores to be found in malls today that offer great reading options, both for educational purposes as well as gift-giving. One would think such stores should be housed in a metal building if only to ensure the books won't burn because they're really a great resource for precious reading material.

What's more, not all are second-hand books. Plus, there can be really great finds of books in pristine condition at such a low price. A great example is my copy of Quidditch Through the Ages which I bought at Booksale for only P40. And it's really a new, non-doodled copy too.

So, if arranging to meet with someone at the mall, instead of spending already by sitting in that cafe, why not arrange to meet instead at one of these bookstores? You just might find childhood favorites there.

Curious George books bought at Booksale for P60/pc

Monday, December 13, 2010

Casa Armas Tapas Bar Y Restaurante - Jupiter

I have heard of Casa Armas Tapas Bar Y Restaurante but haven't been really interested to dine there. Last Thursday though, as we were being shunned away by so many restaurants along Jupiter since theirs were booked for Christmas parties, I had the pleasure of trying out Casa Armas and their authentic Spanish fare.

Well, the ambience was really exquisite and the waiters were pleasant/good-looking and tall men.

I was surprised to find out that it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be especially if you consider that the servings can easily be good for two (except maybe the order of plain rice, hehe). Seven adults and one kid and we only spent a little over P2,000.

I didn't get to take pictures of all we ordered but here are some of them:

callos, and real delicious too (though hubs and I are biased and still believe MIL's callos is still the best)

Solomilio con Pimiento, basically pork tenderlon with pepper, which they said was very good

I am assumming this is the Ceasar Salad

The best part of the dining experience, for me, was knowing that the place was kid-friendly enough to allow this, which my son would have really appreciated (as he is on a knights and castles phase now):

Casa Armas in Jupiter is really highly-recommended for intimate dates and gatherings and really special occasions. Contact them at:

Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante, Jupiter St.
132 Jupiter St., Bel-Air 2
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 897-3605

Other branches include:
Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante, Malate
573 J. Nakpil St. cor. J. Bocobo St.
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 523-5763

Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante, Greenbelt 3
G/Lvl. Greenbelt 3, Paseo de Roxas, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-4961

Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante, The Podium
1/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 687-3663

Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante, Trinoma Mall
3/Lvl. Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 900-0449

(source of contact info:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Med.Chef Brownies

While waiting to be allowed in the ABS-CBN compound one time I was collecting a cheque, my husband was intrigued by this bakeshop offering cakes with a twist. Since he hasn't heard of MedChef before, he only bought these chocolate brownies (P100/box) that had a cream cheese topping.

For its price, it was good. Not too sweet and I loved the cream cheese topping. However, it felt more like chocolate cake than brownie becase it was so soft.

For orders or an idea of where MedChef (or Med.Chef, I don't know how important that dot is) will be (because they also sell at Sunday markets or food expos), just visit their site

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mommy Mundo Events for Two Weekends

I was browsing the news and reading up on a Texas truck accident lawyer and a particular case when a friend alerted me in Gtalk to ask me if I was going to any of the upcoming Mommy Mundo events. I told her that I will check on it first. Sure enough, my inbox had the e-mail with all the details and now, I am sharing it with you.

1. Mompreneur booths (think Planet Noah's wooden toys, natural skin care products, and Ozonator; Mommy Matters' bamboo and organic cotton nursingwear; Earththreads bamboo and organic basic wear; and Fuzzibunz diapers) at MERCATO CENTRALE (weekend lifestyle market in Bonifacio Global City, located at the corner of 30th and 9th streets, right beside The Spa Bonifacio High Street parking lot). Saturdays and Sundays 6am-12nn. Visit for more info visit

2. FREE Creative discovery for your child at FUN RANCH's CREATIVITY AVENUE to be held this Saturday, December 11, at Fun Ranch Pasig, 11am to 6pm where kids can explore, imagine and create with the first Fun Ranch Creativity Avenue that features providers in the field of arts and crafts, theater, fashion, dance and music.

Come at 11am and watch the My Masterpiece Movement open up the event with a live mural painting and storytelling show. After that, sign up for any of the following Creativity stations:

Fashion workshop by Musicfirst
Music workshop by Musikgarten
Arts and Crafts session by Closer ties
Theatre workshop by Teatro Artistas

3. The 5th Toy Fair and Mom's Favorite Finds event at Megatrade hall, SM Megamall is on Dec 17-19, 2010 where mompreneur booths will also be present as well as as hard to find toys and collectibles sold.

So, fortify everyone with Vitamin C before braving the crowds. You need not spend but make sure you do have fun!

UP-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB) Pediatrics

I had gushed about the idea of a pediatric complex offering the services of UP-PGH specialists in one building. I had no idea that it was an even bigger project. The Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB) was sitting idle in the PGH compound for over two decades but now, it's offering the latest in medical technology as well as the PGH specialists we all know are the best in the country. FMAB is allowing these doctors to hold private clinics in PGH while also allowing them to be available to PGH patients and UP students.

And I have enjoyed the pediatrics section twice already.

Most of the doctors are officially holding clinic there January 2011 but our pediatrician has already moved in since October. The pediatrics complex has at least eight rooms for the pediatric specialists. Supposedly, once fully occupied, vaccination will be centralized and performed by a tag team of doctor and nurse other than the specialist you're consulting with.

Supposedly, a play area will also be set up just outside the complex, which is in the 2nd floor.

the FMAB lobby, with staff ready to assist first-time visitors and even usher them to where they want to go

Figaro serves coffee near the entrance, this is the cashier area

just after the cashier area is the Radiology center (left) and at the end, the stairs leading to the 2nd floor, the first complex on the right being the Pediatrics one

Inside the pediatrics complex in the FMAB

me, with other parents bringing in their child, to our pedia's FMAB clinic

We actually love the new clinic because well, it's new, clean and the air-conditioning is great (as in bring sweaters or wraps!). However, we do feel it can be a hassle going there because PGH is located in the center of a block, which would require commuters to walk and those driving cars to be stuck in traffic in that area. I am also not sure if parking for FMAB guests is allowed in front of the building (I think that's reserved for the physicians) or they'd have to go park in the main PGH parking area and just walk to FMAB. Plus, for concerned parents, it would really be great to just have all the specialists in one place.

Anyway, I am guessing more chairs will be added to accommodate patients. The complex has its own rest room and there's a separate changing/weighing/measuring room for the kids (with its own sink). All doctors' clinics also has its own sink in the anterooms where the child is examined.

I just hope they installed sound absorbing material there because I can just imagine the noise of so many kids to see so many doctors. Maybe they can also include books in the play area they're going to set up. And at least one TV to broadcast a good children's program to amuse at least half of the kids.

Call 554-8400 or 708-0000 for more information, clinic schedules, specialist availabilities and the like.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Time to Dress Warmly

It's not yet as cool as our usual Decembers but it's still time to dress a little more warmly now. Being tropical, we have no use for muffs and thick leather jackets as well as knowledge of snow chains and snowblower parts but the time for sundresses and sleeveless tops is not now.

But what if you find yourself in a really crowded place or one that's not so well-ventilated? then, I guess you can do what they do in colder countries and just strategize by layering.

Wear that fab tank top with an equally fab scarf. Then, have either a jacket or shawl handy in your bag or car. Use coats which you can button up when the place is cooler or when night time falls.

For your kids, make sure you have jackets ready. And when outside at night, at least make them don bonnets or caps. Also, make sure you make them wear shoes requiring socks, instead of flimsy slippers that will also get their feet cold.

Christmas is wasted on the sick, so make sure you keep warm.

Klasse Murae Accessories

At the Manila Doctors Bazaar, I happened to find an accessory selle that had really great designs. Her brand, Klasse Murae basically means "classy but cheap" (klas na mura).

there were a lot of great designs but I couldn't wear anything with metal so she offered me this P300 single-string glass beads necklace and I just found a P50/pair earrings to match

this is me wearing the necklace and earrings I bought from her

I failed to take a picture of her designs, even her bags which are really fab, because I didn't have any camera with me. But feel free to drop by her shop or contact Klasse Murae:

Nicole Roxas
Fashion Accesory Designer - Klasse Murae
with branch at Shoppes at Victoria Tower, Timog and an outlet in Glorietta 1
0916-536 3199/ 0922-663 8519
roxas_nicole at yahoo dot com
nicole_roxas at hotmail dot com

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Spice Up Your Home

With 2010 about to bid adieu, and you contemplating what things you could do to improve your home and spice it up a little, allow me to suggest ambient lighting. Start researching on "lighting fixtures for home" and see where some will do good in your abode.

They need not be expensive installations anyway. Maybe, a soft spotlight on your collectibles is all you need, or some back lighing in your shelf. Maybe you'd really benefit from a reading light in your bedroom that will cover the couch where you love to curl up in. And of course, there is always the garage or basement that can do with good white light to aid your chores and help prevent accidents.

Microwarehouse Yearend Sale

On December 11-12, 2010, head on to Decagon Silver City, corner Frontera Drive and Julia Vargas Drive, Frontera Verde, Pasig City and get great deals on brands like Apple, Belkin, Lacie and more!

This is a 2 day affair you sure shouldn't miss if you're hankering for a new Blackberry (or accessories) or looking to invest in more Apple products. Samsung and Philips will be there too so there might just be LCD TVs as well. I am guessing, this is a sale men will love as it will involve appliances and gadgets.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Scholastic Christmas Book Sale

Here's another sale to get wonderful books from to give as Christmas gifts!!!

From their online ad:



DECEMBER 1 - 10, 2010
8AM - 8PM


(email to your friends and relatives)
Thank you!
Scholastic Book Fairs TeamDistribution Center:
#70 C. Raymundo Ave. Rosario, Pasig City
Contact No.: (02) 900-1537/ 640-7696
Telefax: (02) 628-4487
Mobile No.: (0917)580-4784
Email Address:

Flavored Cigars

If you're thinking of what cigars to get your puff-happy friend, why not consider flavored cigars?

I once bought vannila-flavored cigars and it was a hit with cousins because it was somehow sweet. There are at least 70 flavors out there and at least 90 brands to choose from. Maybe you can even have different-flavored ones in a canister for people to enjoy in the Christmas or New Year's Eve party you're throwing.

I normally don't encourage smoking and I really hope more people will take the risks smoking brings to heart more, but this is still an idea I thought worth mentioning.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clever Cats International Company

Clever Cats International Company is a local seller of fun toys for fun learning.

Consider the following brands:
- Melissa & Doug
- Alex Toys
- Learning Resources
- Educational Insights
- Quadrilla
- Room Mates for Kids
- Poof Slinky
- Toysmith
- Acting Out
- Manhattan Toys
- Tatiri
- My Little Sandbox
- Chicken Socks
- American Girl Library
- eeBoo
- Mudpuppy
- Automoblox
- Puzzibits
- Mark My Time
- Neat-Oh - ZIP-BIN

Melissa and Doug is very popular with moms for their educational wooden toys. They even have a stamp kit (around P800) that's perfect for homeschooling families. I'm just sorry I didn't see their Complete a Picture Pad, or I'd have bought one.

So, if you're looking for things to get your little loved ones this Christmas, contact Cats International now!

Head Office
Chinatown Steel Towers
Asuncion St, Binondo, Manila 1006
Telephone: (02)-502 9869
Email address:

Ground Floor, CRZ Building,
1269 Batangas St, cor Guatemala St,
Brgy San Isidro, Makati City 1234
Telephone: (02)-844 8624
Open: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Saturday
No lunch break

Monday, November 29, 2010

Jumbo Magnifiers from Clever Cats

We passed by the Clever Cats stall at the Noel Bazaar and I was contemplating a sticker book while my son was oggling the other wooden toys when I saw magnifying glasses rimmed/framed in plastic. These Jumbo Magnifiers, which cost P350, were beside huge magnets (which cost P150 and also encased in clorful plastic).

At first, I was amazed at how I never thought of how much fun a magnifying glass would be to a child. Then we tested it on my 3-year old and he was hooked. It was like we gave him a new set of eyes for seeing the world.

My son didn't ask to be carried anymore. Instead, he walked magnifying everything on eye level in every stall we passed. When I browsed through necklaces, he scrutinized the beads. When we passed bags, he checked out the sequins. He tried magnifying everything and was so absorbed and intent in a whole new world.

I was so happy with this buy. He couldn't wait to get home and find ants! This is highly-recommended as a gift idea to preschoolers. If you can't find one, try ordering from Clever Cats (

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Aristocrat Bakeshop

Technically, you cannot go wrong with any cake from the Aristocrat Bakeshop. All their cakes are just really made superbly, always balancing sinful and too sweet. My all-time favorite from their bakeshop is the Torta de los Reyes which is chocolate sans rival but since their cakes also tend to be expensive, it's really not something one would buy for sharing in big feasts (unless maybe their birthday cakes).

The good thing though is that they offer a lot of mini cakes for those itching for decadence but don't want to really shell out that much.

Take for example these two cakes we just bought from the main Aristocrat Bakeshop in Remedios. It's gopd, old-fashioned caramel cake and the other is Grand Chocolate (I think, it was hubs who bought it).

The caramel cake tastes best when it's served really cold because the caramel and butter icing just melts in your mouth. The Grand Chocolate cake would taste best with coffee and is sure to be a hit with dark chocolate lovers. It's reminiscent of Red Ribbon's choco caramel cake, only more moist and without caramel. Plus, its chocolate is really on the dark, bittersweet side which is why my husband LOVED it. According to him, it was just what he expected and more.

The caramel cake costs P100 while the Grand Chocolate costs P120. Now, we can't wait to try their Better Than Sex cake.

And since these come in their own boxes, they'd be cool giveaways as well in weddings and other celebrations!

So, next time you pass by an Aristocrat Bakeshop, don't pass up on the opportunity for some toe-curling delight in the form of their cakes.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Have a Green Christmas with Milea

MILEA Bath & Body Wellness Essentials has taken upon itself to package their products as Christmas gifts so you can easily just pick one out, order it, and give as is.

Choose from the following:
Active Baby Gift Set
Baby Bath Gift Set
Baby Pampering Set
Gift of clean
Gift of fresh look
Gift of protection 1
Gift of protection 2
Gift of vanity 1
Gift of vanity 2
Mini Travel Kit
Mom and Baby Gift Set
Soap Scrub
Travel Bath Set
Christmas Edition Body Butters

Just go to their site to order and give away a Green Christmas to all your loved ones:

Friday, November 26, 2010

Heat to Burn Calories

Christmas is the season for eating. And since it is kinda impractical to be denying oneself, why not use heat to burn the extra calories off?

Exercise, no matter how little, no matter when you do it, will always burn calories. You can just make sure to keep to your routine so you won't feel so guilty about all the dainty desserts you're sampling. Also, squeeze in some more activity to your day. Take the stairs. Walk part of the way to your destination. Do some leg raises. Stretch. Any activity that gets your body temperature a little higher will count. And yes, kissing and getting all giddy with excitement helps too.

Then, add heat to what you eat too, as these are natural fat burners. Make sure to include a bite or two of something that's more spicy than your usual fare. It may even help you eat less. Just don't binge on anything creamy after to take the edge off the spice.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank You Gifts to the Women in Your Life

There's Thanksgiving and then there's Christmas. Two Holidays when we normally count our blessings and take stock of who we have in our life that we're thankful for. And because i'm a girl, I am hoping you will give special consideration to the women in your life and give them thoughtful gifts.

It's not really hard to please us. Sure, we'd appreciate diamond stud earrings or matching accessories that don't necessarily require precious stones. But we'd also be happy over gift certificates to the spa, bookstore, department store, our favorite boutiques and curio shops and even the grocery. I recommend gift certificates as the most practical gift since you not only show you remembered us, you also allow us the pleasure to shop for something we really want. And you know girls, half of the fun of getting something is the search for it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And Then There's Cyber Monday

If, for example, you're not the type to queue in long lines on Black Friday sales and literally go competing with strangers on who saw what first, then Cyber Monday is the sale holiday just for you.

It's the Monday immediately following Black Friday where online retailers first noticed a spike in their sales, which in turn drove them to offer more discounts on that day for shoppers. The term is also being used in countries in Europe for online sales every Monday of November and December.

So, make sure your debit cards are loaded and your credit cards aren't maxed out yet. Take advantage of Cyber Monday sales and be happy shopping in the comforts of your own home.

Black Friday Sale Everywhere

This Friday is Black Friday sale and most of the bigger retailers in the US are sure to offer huge discounts or freebies so whip out that wallet and prepare to buy, buy, buy!

Of course, only buy what you can really pay for and really need and will really use. But do take advantage of the sales and do your research already. Haunt the websites of your favorite store chains. Now may be the perfect time to purchase that Sony VAIO your son has been begging you to get or just to load up on wipes and diapers for your kiddos.

Be frugal and be wise in this season for shopping and you, or your loved ones, may just have a merrier Christmas too!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

OB Ward at Asian Hospital

Asian Hospital was offering package deliveries before but has since stopped. But they still have an OB ward for those who want to give birth at Asian Hospital but want to save on costs.

Only one room that accommodates four patients composes their OB ward so it's really on a first come, first served basis. Fortunately for those with scheduled operations (say, for cyst removal or sheduled CS delivery), you can e-mail and reserve a slot at the OB ward/room preferred. A lot will still depend on discharges and room availability but at least, you will be given priority when the room/bed you want becomes available.

Just like in any ward, you will be subject to waiting your turn at the CR, overhearing conversations, putting up with your neigbors' visitors & noises and maybe a little unhappy with how cool the A/C is. But privacy aside, each bed at the OB ward has a curtain that provides some level of privacy and a feeling that you're in your own room. There is also ample space to move about for your nurse and caregiver. Your caregiver, however, will have to make do with a couch for sleep (unless the other beds in the ward are available).

At P600/day, the OB ward is a sure cheaper option. Food served by Makati Skyline (all meals and two snacks) is still well-prepared. In fact, the only thing my caregivers didn't like was the powdered juice with the snacks. You also get assigned nurses and your bed still gets made every day. You can also still room in your baby. You also get your morning paper. The bed is still this electronic thing you can adjust on your own with just a push on a button. I believe, you also get a discharge dinner (which we didn't get to enjoy because we had ourselves discharged earlier).

You also get a maternity bag with freebies from different companies manufacturing baby products (like Huggies newborn diapers, Oilatum, Vadol, etc).

So, although I don't have any plans of getting pregnant again, I would still highly recommend those who want to save on costs to make do at Asian Hospital's OB ward. And yes, I'd gladly stay there again.

For more info, just visit their website

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Expo Mom at Rockwell Tent Today

They say that more people are born in the months of October to December because of weddings happening in the colder months and well, Valentines. And the Expo Mom could very well be the perfect bazaar to go to for your wifey's push presents. Perk them up from their post-partum blues by letting them shop for great nursing wear or matching outfits for your brood. Here's a list of the vendors at the Expo.

Entrance fee is P25 which goes to Mommy Mundo's MomShare charity. Also, bring a toy or storybook to donate to their MomShare cause as well.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Exfoliate to Remove Blackheads

How to get rid of blackheads the natural and trusted way? Exfoliate.

You can exfoliate in many ways. You can use the usual face washcloths or go natural and come up with your own concoctions. Use an oatmeal scrub, or mix salt with lime juice, or mix white sugar with olive oil. Exfoliating helps to make sure that your pores are cleaned and cleared and that no oils become trapped underneath the skin to result in blackheads. Even when there's already some swelling on your skin, you can still keep exfoliating to minimize the damage of the blackhead.

Pizza Pedrico's

I classify Pizza Pedrico's as a cheapy pizza, but I don't mean that in a derogatory way. I love cheapy pizzas like Chansel Pizza because I am not really a fan of fancy toppings.

I love Pizza Pedrico's Cheez and Cheez the most, maybe because it's just filled with umami taste. Pizza Pedrico's is also very affordable and easily available (you can find them in gas stations and groceries and you can even franchise) so you might end up researching the merits of phentermine after getting hooked.

You can also get Pizza Pedrico's to make celebrations more festive. For more info, just go to their website

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nexcare Reusable Hot and Cold Pack

3M's Nexcare Reusable Hot and Cold Pack is probably the best item charged to us at the hospital because I can still use it at home, use it well, and really benefit from it.

It relieved my aching back from having to lie down for so long. It also helped ease my gas pains after my CS delivery. Then, when our neighbors in the OB ward were getting excited over the air-conditioning, it warmed my newborn to sleep. Now, I am using it to prep my breasts for breastfeeding and pumping.

Granted, we've only ever used Nexcare's Reusable Hot and Cold Pack as a hot pack but I really love it, really recommend it, and will certainly buy another one again. Perfect for when you strain muscles from using pull up bars or cooling down a feverish tot. It's really a better alternative to ice bags and hot water bottles.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Som's Noodle House

Som's Noodle House has a reputation of being a great go-to restaurant for Thai fare. However, after Jatujak, we weren't really impressed.

This is not to say that Som's Noodle House isn't worth a visit. First of all, it's really affordable and considering the high-end restaurants in the Rockwell/Power Plant area, that is one serious perk. And then, it's also not intimidating because it will actually remind you of the usual Chinese restaurant in Quiapo. Hubs, who have been to Thailand several times, said that Som's outdoor tables (with all those big umbrellas) are very Thai street fare.

We only tried three dishes and they were good, and grows on you.

an order of pandan chicken which weren't uniformly cooked, because one of these was very dry and a little tough, the other was just okay and the last one really tender and juicy

an order of shrimp fried rice that's good for 2-4 people (it will come with three big pieces of shrimp)

phad thai which was delicious (we loved its chicken and egg pieces over the pandan chicken) but came already seasoned with lemon/calamansi so it was already real tangy

Som's Noodle House Thai Iced Tea which I didn't try but which hubs says is a real winner and the thing Som's patrons really rave about

It's not a place I'd keep going back to (being no fan of Thai food) but I also won't mind finding myself there from time to time. And I loved that they gave us a pitcher of water with glasses filled with ice (very Thai of them) without us having to ask.

Som's Noodle House
5921 Alger Street
Poblacion, Makati (aka Rockwell gilid)
757-8079 / 483-3554 (you can call them for food orders and just pick up)

325 Maysilo Street, Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong
(near Andok's and Baliwag)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It's the Season for Sales

This week will get everyone bankrupt because of the following sales!!!

First, there's the Crocs and Toys "R" Us sale at Whitespace this Nov 11-14, 2010!!!

Then there's the Big and Small, Havin' A Baby, etc. sale at the Nutrition Compound on November 16-20:

Another great sale is the much awaited Gingersnaps and Just G warehouse sale is on again at Warehouse 19 Armal Compound 2, M. Eusebio Ave., Pasig City. Mondays-Saturdays, except Holidays, Sundays and Extreme Weather Conditions, 8:00am to 4:00pm. From Nov. 12 to Dec. 29, 2010. Lots of great value for your money! Cash basis only. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5637/5639 series of 2010.

And don't forget, the Richwell Sale is also ongoing!!!
Richwell Trading Warehouse Annual Christmas SaleDates: November 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28
December 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 19 to 22
Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm Saturdays and Sundays
1:00 pm to 6:00pm Weekdays & Fridays

Creative Trade Center No.6 Industria St., Bagumbayan, Quezon City

Girls: Barbie, Polly Pocket, Dora, Arts & Crafts, Beados, RoseArt, Fruit
Boys: HotWheels, Matchbox, Bakugan, TechDeck, Battle Strikers, Spongebob,
McFarlane, etc.
Infant-Preschool: Vtech, Megabloks, Shelcore, Leapfrog, Baby Einstein, Kids
II, K’s Kids, Noddy, Disney, Step2
Baby: Pigeon, Safety1st, Chicco, Babisil
What’s New: Webkinz, Russ, First Act Music, Games, StarKidz, Bikes
Shoes: Barbie, Chicco, HotWheels, Pokemon, Elle & OshKosh

Organize your shopping list, dear readers, so you don't go overboard.

Cafe La Carmela

Cafe La Carmela is a restaurant in the heart of Jupiter St. in Makati that offers affordable fare with a really great ambience. I thought it would be some dark, smoky bar since my schoolmate who recommended the place was telling us about the P25 cheap San Miguel beer but it's really more a restaurant where you can drink, and have conversations.

entrance of Cafe La Carmela

the main dining area

Calamares fried to perfection

Found the sisig delish but a tad too spicy to be eaten without rice

this order of pancit is good enough for 5-7 people and was also very good

bagoong rice, which was good

tinapa rice, which was great and enough reason to keep going back

Forgot to take a picture of the noodle soup I had but I loved it. The service was good, the staff friendly and the place quiet. It's really perfect for when you just want to hang out and catch up with friends or family.

If you're in the area and hungry for good food and conversations, do check out Café La Carmela International Restaurant at 38 Jupiter cor. Planet Sts., Bel Air, Makati City. For inquiries, you can call. Tel. 02.899.5551

And they also have a promo that could get you winning a free trip to Boracay! :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

Global Pinoy Bazaar - A Review

Global Pinoy Bazaar is a project of Yabang Pinoy where they pool together Pinoy entrepreneurs to exhibit proudly-Philippine made products. It's also a fundraising of sorts (the entrance fee was P100) to help such entreprenurs.

Anyway, the most recent one was held at the Rockwell Tent last November 6-7, 2010. And I must say, I was absolutely impressed. Sure, I didn't see any yakima racks there for bikes but there were local versions of what seems to be Lego-like toys (which uses magnets) and all the clothes were really fabulous! There were sellers of malunggay-based products as well as of chocolates mixed with local produce (siling labuyo, green mango, pili, etc.).

So, the next time there is another Global Pinoy Bazaar, I highly recommend that you go not just to help move local commerce but to also realize that we can indeed be world-class!

My loot consists of three shirts (onesie, toddler shirt and adult shirt) bearing MILKAHOLIC for the men in my life, a mini-bento set from Eden Maternity Wear and a Multi Wrap from Laura's Shawl Couture. Talk about being clothed in happiness!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Little People Lifestyle Photography Holiday Promo

Give your, or another family, a special treat this Holiday season by booking them for a family photo session.

Consider Little People Lifestyle Photography's Holiday Promo:

For inquiries and bookings, contact Kristin Alfafara Rodriguez at (mobile: +63920 9079241) or e-mail her at You can also check out their site at

Careful with Christmas Lighting

After Halloween, Christmas trees are sure to be sprouting up left and right in homes now, all filled with trimmings and lights to cast some cheery atmosphere in living rooms and against your windows' wood venetian blinds.

Festive, right?

But before installing all these lights, do check first if your Christmas lights are in good condition (no bulbs missing, no wires exposed) and that you are not overwhelming any socket.

If you're the type to really light up your home with lights during the Yuletide season, consider consulting with a professional first as to what things you can do to make sure you don't invite accidents and fires in your home.

Also, make sure you have fire emergency plans in place and a handy fire extinguisher nearby. The best thing about Christmas, after all, is that everyone you love is safe and with you, not your home decor.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear at Global Pinoy Bazaar

The Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear Collection by Bianca Araneta-Elizalde will be selling at the Global Pinoy Bazaar at Rockwell this coming weekend (November 6-7, 2010).

They will be launching new Infinitude colors (think of denim colors and green as well as more feminine shades) as well as offering mini-bentos (sake tank top and skirt for only P2,500, with the Christmas-colored one) at the bazaar. They will also be offering their Poem Scarf in new colors.

Go, go, go shop now! Cross some more off your Christmas list!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Save for Good Wheels and Save Your Life

With Christmas bonus looming in the horizon, I would like to take this opportunity to remind vehicle owners to save part of their bounty to replace old or worn wheels. This not only saves from future hassles on the road, it just may translate to lives saved as a new wheel with good treads is less likely to spin and slip during rainy weather (and heaven knows we still have a lot of those these days).

It may also be good to consider insuring your wheels and even getting a 5th wheel warranty.

I cannot stress how important it is to maintain vehicles properly and not scrimp on its parts. People may also want to change their oil, have brakes checked or replace broken lights as well as renew/upgrade their car insurance.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unilab Products on Beauty and Wellness

Unilab has many products, of course. These are some of their products, however, that cater to beauty and wellness and address the Beauty Habits prescribed by Ms. Marie Calica.

Brushing is not enough and keeping clean means fresh breath for a longer period of time. I find that such mouthwash also helps as gargle after eating sweets to avoid sore throats.

I have yet to try the Cool Wind variant which they say feels super cool down there but I have been using Ph Care (usually the pink one) for the longest time now. Again, keeping clean means even non-exposed areas are kept clean and fresh-smelling.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub exfoliates the skin while Myra VitaQuench lotion moisturizes it after. And then, Myra E supplements nourishes the skin from within.

These are mostly face products. Celeteque as a brand is known for gentle cleansing already. I've only recently tried their moisturizer (but as I have the pregnancy mask, I can't quite vouch for it yet) which I use in the morning and at nights. I have nothing but raves for Myra's VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer, however, because it's really sheer and applies easily and gives me that glow without making me appear as if I got enthusiastic with a bronzer. Because of it, I don't even need foundation anymore. Plus, it has SPF already so I really make sure to use it everytime I am going out. I also love the Myra e Shine-Free Face Powder (it smells real nice too, without reminding you of your mom's or grandma's old pressed powders). Both Myra products provide SPF which makes for more doable beauthy habits.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Reduced Rice Intake for Weight Loss

Before consulting and arguing with friends on which diet pills are the best for losing weight, reduce your rice intake first. Actually, just reduce your carbs intake.

If you love white rice so much and can't let go, then start by eating a smaller portion till you're maybe just eating half of what you normally consume per meal. Over time, that can be reduced some more.

Maybe you can also start by mixing your white with some brown rice and gradually transition to the healthier red or brown rice that are richer in fiber, more filling in the tummy and with more nutrients.

Now, if you're a bread or pasta person, go for wheat instead of white.

You don't need to cut off carbs totally from your diet because they also serve a purpose in providing you with all your dietary requirements. The truth, however, is we're all eating way more carbohydrates than we need.

Go for protein instead, from vegetables and fruits, nuts and fish. And always, go slowly but surely till it becomes a habit and way of life, instead of some diet bandwagon you will just as easily jump off from.

Scrubs as Business Opportunity

My relatives and friends are going into the hospitality uniforms business by providing fashion seal cotton scrubs sourced and made here in the Philippines to their friends and colleagues abroad.

It started with my uncle who refused to wear the uniform provided at the hospital he was working in and would instead buy a number of white polo shirts here to use as uniform there. Then, scrubs became in fashion. Even dental office uniforms required scrubs. And enterprising Filipinos realized that there was a market for Philippine-made scrubs not only because they are cheaper but the materials are nicer and the designs more beautiful.

So, if you've got friends or family in the caregiving business, don't hesitate to ask if they can sell medical scrubs for you. It could be the great business you're looking for that you can actually do in your own home.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fifteen Twenty One (1521) Restaurant along Shaw

It was my craving for binagoongan that got my hubby to know about 1521 restaurant along Shaw. After missing the Goldilocks event last week due to traffic, we decided to just have dinner at 1521 since it was still open at 9 PM. 1521 Restaurant is located at 547 Shaw Blvd., Brgy. Wack- Wack Mandaluyong, Metro Manila (beside Pan de Pugon and Mr. Poon).

1521 basically serves glorified Filipino dishes and all in all, they did a great job with what they offer.

The restaurant itself is small. I guess it can accommodate up to 40 people max but the ambience is great and cozy.

The only dish we didn't like: beef caldereta because we all found it too salty. We told the 1521 folks so.

Ka-Musta-Cat. This is the crispy catfish salad (they have quirky names for their dishes and I don't remember what they called it) that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It was the perfect blend of sour and sweet and you can just really finish off an entire plate. Really very delicious!

fried chicken served with I forgot what sauce (I believe it was good but I didn't try it since I finished some other dish)

Bonggang Bonggang Bingaoongan. This pork binagoongan version is a lot like lechon kawali topping bagoong cooked/mashed with eggplant. Loved it too!

Sit-Ka-Long. It's basically sitaw (string beans), kalabasa (squash) and longganisa (Pinoy sausage) but also very, very good.

My, My, My Mais. This is white corn soup with some fatty pork in it that was also very delicious. Everyone in our party absolutely loved this soup.

The food didn't take long to be served and the staff was friendly, considering we had two preschoolers who were noisy. We would absolutely eat at 1521 Restaurant again and I have even instructed hubby to order the corn soup for takeout whenever he passes by the area.

We also tried their leche flan (which was divine and flavored a little with dayap rind).

1521 restaurant really provides a filling and fulfilling dining experience, all in all. So, if you're in the area, do give it a try.

(It was called 1521 because that was the year Philippines was discovered by the Spaniards)
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