Wednesday, December 09, 2009

World Bazaar at World Trade Center, Manila

The World Bazaar is sponsored by ABS-CBN and will run until December 16, 2009. Entrance to the bazaar is P30 per person. I was told by a friend that the wares being sold were good so we checked it out and it was indeed a good bazaar.

Items were not so expensive. You can buy ladies tops for 2 for P150, P150, P300, etc. There were also a lot of stalls selling baby clothes, a lot of really cool shirts, a lot of imported overruns (you know, cutesy dresses that are intended as winter wear). There were a lot of infant PJ sets, onseies, dresses. There were a lot of clothes, and a lot of Christmas decor (that's what will greet you at the entrance), a lot of chips/snacks and vitamins.

My best buy was liquid hand soap (3 liters for P120). They sell them in 500 ml bottles with pump but as I have so many empty dispenser bottles at home, I bought the 1 liter refills instead at the same price. And they smell soooo nice! Melon, raspberry and Irish Spring scents, haha!

Expect a lot of shirts embroidered with the map of the Philippines. Even mugs were being sold with the Philippine archipelago. And yes, there were so many statement shirts (even for babies/kids).

And there's no worries about going hungry at the World Bazaar because there are so many food stalls (at least three Hero Sausage stands). There's also a play area for kids where they can run around like crazy but there is a serious lack of sitting area for those who want to rest. There are also kiosks outside WTC selling native food products.

After the World Bazaar, GMA's Christmas Bazaar is next at WTC.

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