Monday, December 07, 2009

Why Go to Bazaars?

Every big Church community, school and village are holding bazaars aside from the really big ones at the World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center. And people may be wondering why other people don't just go to Divisoria or Baclaran... or the malls that are also having Christmas sales.

Goods are not necessarily cheaper indeed in bazaars. Usually, if you have the patience and resourcefulness, you can get the same lovely products at a cheaper price from direct sellers in Dapitan or Quiapo or Divisoria. Since bazaar sellers have to pay for their booths (St. James sellers have to pay P15,000 a day), they really have to charge extra for their wares.

But some bazaar sellers, you can't find anywhere else. A lot of them save and make products only to sell during the Holidays. A lot of them only bake during the Holidays. A lot of them are also homebased entrepreneurs who don't sell on Multiply while others are attached to big industries and this is the only time, and the only way, they sell overruns cheap. So bazaars are still a minefield for new and exciting products you can't get anywhere else.

Plus, other companies are sure to also sponsor and exhibit in bazaars to launch and distribute new products. A Promotional usb drive is just one of the things you can get for free in a bazaar. Some give away sim cards, some give away free products, while some give away coupons or gift certificates. So even if you pay an entrance fee, you don't really lose in a bazzar. At worst, your senses would still have been treated to a feast as you browsed through all the wonderful products being sold.

And if you're keen, you may just walk away with good bargains.

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