Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Toxic Fragrances

Part of babyproofing our home is making sure all industrial supplies and cleaning equipment are kept out of reach of children. Unfortunately, we have also started making these cleaning supplies in wonderful fragrances that somehow makes us forget thay they can prove toxic to kids.

Case in point: I just bought dishwashing liquid in watermelon, Irish Spring and raspberry scents. They came in mineral water bottles (1 liter) and candy-like colors. And we forgot to put the bottles somewhere high that my nephew thought it was juice and managed to open one. He is one and a half years old. My two year old son, on the other hand, can already prop a chair near the sink where the liquid hand soap and dishwashing liquid dispensers are easily within reach. And since these smell fruity, fresh and sweet, they don't get turned off.

Even some fabric conditioners and bleach come in fragrances that may even attract kids.

And one disadvantage of reusing some containers is that they can confuse kids, and even parents. My sister-in-law once thought she was putting alcohol on her son's hands. Good thing she smelled the different scent of the cleaning agent and washed my nephew's hands in time before they got really irritated. Clear cleaning agents, like alcohol or diluted dihswashing liquid should also not be put in mineral water bottles to avoid confusing people.

Be warned so you can be more vigilant. Sweet-smelling cleaning agents are still cleaning agents and can be toxic or fatal to babies.

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