Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Time to Replace

Twas only two months ago that typhoon Ondoy wreaked havoc here in Manila. So many homes had something that was touched, submerged, or marinated in flood. Now that Christmas bonus has come, we can replace and repair more of them.

Since refrigerators are generally heavy and loaded, those who failed to put it up shiuld be having its motor checked and maybe replacing their refrigerator water filters. Those with tables who wallowed in flood should have these checked also for rot. You don't want a child climbing on top of it, or you leaning just a tad too heavily on it, or putting so many dishes on it only to have it collapse. Cabinets, if they cannot be repaired, should be torn down and replaced as well. Electric lines should be checked, most especially the plugs.

Carpeting and linoleum shoudl be replaced too, if you cannot have it professionally cleaned.

I know that spending more on these things is one of the last things you'd consider doing with your Christmas bonus. But not doing so may spell more trouble for you in the end. Even air conditioning units, for example, that were not submerged in flood but got rained on a lot during the typhoon season should be professionally cleaned. An ounce of allergy prevention is worth more than a pound of antihistamines, after all.

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