Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

The Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum is located in the Villamor Air Base Complex. It's sort of in a cul de sac, where the road turns towards the Mariott, Resorts World, etc. complex.

Entrance fee is only P20 for civilians. It's not really a big museum and unless you're really interested in Air Force history, you might be disinterested with most of what they have on exhibit. There are a lot of uniforms, guns, plane models, plane parts

view of Resorts World near the museum's entrance

tour starts here (left side)

guns used during World War II (I believe)

one of the earliest planes used in combat (sorry,
am a girl, I didn't take note of the models)

cool thing to name a plane after Sumpak, an
improvides firearm we came up with

telephone used during the war

camera used during the war

the exhibit

night vision goggles

plane model on exhibit

an old car used as Presidential ride

the simulation room which wasn't open that day
(you pay for the gas to fire the thing up, and I was
concerned about not being eco-friendly anyway)

plane part (used for bombing, I assume)

another plane model inside

plane model outside

there were at least ten plane models outside

The Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum also features a function room they rent out for P5,000 for the first 5 hours. You have to bring in your own caterer, sound system, etc. but the room is at the 2nd floor and overlooks the plane models outside. It can easily accommodate between 200-250 pax. It had high ceilings and great ventilation and a steal for the price. Perfect for aviation-themed weddings or birthday parties.

There is also a mini theater that can accommodate around 30-40 people. Air Force people were using it at the time we were there, as well as the lobby, which is why I don't have a picture of those.

For inquiries or to visit, just dial (63) 2-8323498. The Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum is open at 8:00am - 12:00pm (Monday to Saturdays).


markpogi said...


allowed po ba magtake ng pictures dyan gamit ng DSLR?

Mec said...

mark... hindi ba halatang DSLR yung gamit ko? :) so yeah, allowed na allowed

Unknown said...

Hi, just wanted to inquire regarding your function hall. Thanks

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