Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Job Hunting in Forums

Usually, when we go job hunting, we go to job listing sites or look at the Classifieds in the paper. But sometimes, looking for job openings in message boards/forums could yield you better results.

It is firstly, a fact, that Human Resource people also like posting in message boards. Even managers, lawyers, and other professionals even. And when they need to hire asap, posting openings in forums is the easiest way to get applicants. It could even be a plus that you're both into the same things (say, you're both from motorcycle or photography forums). Even the adult site manilatonight.com has a Classifieds section.

So if you're a member of some forum already, do take the time to check out if they have a Classifieds/Netwroking section. Even a Harry Potter forum may just land you a job that a Fort Lauderdale job search in Google cannot generate. Plus, you may even get an idea or two on how to improve your interview skills.

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