Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holidays and Fire

No matter how many times TV programs, magazines and other media remind us, there will still be several fires because of faulty or forgotten Christmas lights. Sure, your home insurance may be great but fires are very non-discriminating as to what they will destroy. Fires do not care if it's an old sofa set or a life, if it's just a painting or your entire picture and film collection.

So be vigilant against fires. Firstly, buy lights that have the proper seals. And only turn them on when you are still awake, usually between 6-10 PM. And make sure you unplug everything (except the fridge) in the house before you turn in.

Make sure also that there are no firecrackers in the house and should you be handling one, not to throw it towards your house or your neighbor's. And if throwing parties, make sure inebriated guests who might sleep over are not also smoking. Make sure there are ashtrays and garbage cans around for people to throw their butts in. And again, before turning in, inspect everything.

Sometimes, it really seems a hassle for us to always be checking for whatever could go wrong while we sleep. But these habits can save the lives of those that are really important to you, including your own.

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