Sunday, December 20, 2009

Boredom Busters In Kids

Kids nowadays are so used to being bombarded by multimedia that they're also easily bored. We never had boredom back in our day because we had to cut paper for play money, and crush ice candies for 'vitamins' to feed our babies while playing house. Now, fewer kids even play outside. Most of the toddlers in the city even attend preschool already where play is usually directed and stimulation is provided.

What to do, then, with a child complaining of boredom?

You and your spouse can come up with a handy list ready for activities to suggest to them. Usually, suggesting that they read a book or take a nap would result in further complaints and whines. So try wording your suggestions this way. "Awww, you're bored you say? And I guess you're also not in the mood to be reading anyway since you'd have been doing that already. Good thing though because Mommy needs help in the kitchen polishing the silver. It would be fun, come on!"

Or give them options. "I know three things that should occupy you enough: finishing your homework, bathing our dog or washing the car. What are you up to doing?"

Chances are, they will at least complain less and find other things to do instead. And they may not help with the chores much but they'd also learn that being amused is a DIY thing. Hopefully, it means they will be more creative in a productive way and there'd be less chances of them seeking thrills elsewhere.

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