Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Becky's Kitchen

People will fall in line again this Christmas at Becky's Kitchen. This institution of great cakes and even yummier brownies only has two branches, the main one being at Vito Cruz, Manila.

If you want a Becky's cake gracing your Christmas Noche Buena, do pay for your orders now to be picked up on the 24th. Otherwise, you'd have to line up and settle for whatever cake they have on hand that day.

And should you want to give Becky's Kitchen treats to special people and friends, here is their Christmas Gift Packs:

Current price list is here. I highly recommend the walnut fudge brownies (P270) and the potato almond krunch cake (P575). Their chocolate mousse (P435) is also wonderful and I have been a slave to their caramel cake (P455) ever since.

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