Monday, November 23, 2009

Tres Reyes - Melchor Island

Melchor Island is the nearest to mainland Marinduque of the Tres Reyes group of islands. Plus, they say that the other two (Gaspar and Balthazar) aren't really conducive for docking.

Melchor offers crushed corals as sand. In front, there are cottages for rent and a thriving community of locals. Marinduque waters is clean and perfect for swimming. However, there is a strong current in the waters in front of Melchor so visitors are always advised not to go too far. It offers a view of mainland Marinduque, Malindig Volcano and farther in the horizon, Elephant Island.

Boatmen and guides usually bring guests to the back of Melchor, where a cove of sorts offers shade and privacy to swimmers. The waters here is also more conducive to swimming and snorkelling.

boats anchor on protruding rocks

and some underwater scene

take closer pictures, but take nothing but pictures

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