Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Year Check-up

One of the things people should really be scheduling, or including in their New Year's resolutions, is getting a check-up come January. Especiallly for people abroad who feasted during Thanksgiving and then the Holidays. Most probably, everyone let go of diets and control and partook of freshly-baked cookies and bread, steaming mugs of cocoa or sinful orders of frappes, dessert upon dessert from the Christmas table, stuffings and turkey and pumpkin pie, and all the fruit cake and candies we can get our hands on.

A check up in January will give you the reality check of how much you slipped, or what needs work, or just to assure you that you are not the worse for wear. Better safe than sorry, right? So maximize your Blue Advantage and schedule those check ups and doctor visits as early as now. At most, your teeth will require cleaning anyway.

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