Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Manong's is located at the Filinvest area, near a driving range. It can pass for a semi-fine dining restaurant if you sit indoors, but I think it's more known as a Dencio's type of dining place where you eat sisig and drink and allow yourself to be noisy and smoke.

The prices are Dencio's, Gerry's Grill range. I didn't appreciate much the california maki we ordered because it had too much rice but the tokwa't-baboy was good. I loved the gravy on their sizzling bangus belly and I appreciated the free soup they gave (we had to ask for them though, for my son).

Oh, I also didn't like their sago't gulaman because it was a tad too sweet (and they were overzealous with their flavoring).

They have this garden area that's lit at night, with a bridge going there and a bench on the bridge, perfect for talks over drinks.

Generally, it's still a good place to eat if you're in the area. And I guess it's a blessing that the food there isn't so good that you'll need to hit the dip bar after. And the staff were very friendly and accommodating too.

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